Strategic approach for scoring more than 120 in the SBI Clerk Mains


Strategic approach for scoring more than 120 in the SBI Clerk Mains

Dear Sehpaathians,

Those candidates who will qualify in the SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 will be eligible to sit in the SBI Clerk Mains Examination. Sincere candidates will be putting their best efforts to clear the examination by preparing well. But how about if we help you in your preparation strategy.

In this article we have emphasized on the strategic approach for scoring more than 120 in the SBI Clerk Mains Examination to clear SBI-Clerk Mains 2016 expected cut-off.

What to do before the exam?

Selective Study :

Keep a selective approach for the Mains Examination. Stick to the important topics based on their weightage in the examination. Because with the remaining little amount of time, it is better to stress upon the benefitting topics rather than wasting important time in preparing unimportant topics. This is especially true for GK section of SBI-Clerk Mains.

Practice hard:

Practice everything that you have studied again and again to have a firm grip on the topics. Test your knowledge and preparation level through regular tests, be it offline tests or online tests, but it will be better if you practice online tests because the examination is in online mode and it is better to be prepared for the online mode of the examination which is alien mode of examination to most of the candidates.

What to do during the exam?

Number of questions to attempt

As mentioned above in the previous point, the best number of questions to attempt in examination to ascertain your seat for the next level, you should answer 30+ questions in all the sections but there is nothing to worry if you can’t fulfil this target. 30-35 Questions in Computer, GK and English section each section is a good attempt. 20-25 questions in Reasoning and Quant sections each is a good score to clear both sectional as well as Overall cutoff.

Well this is not the limit that we are setting for you. If you can answer more, then sky is the limit for you. But be sure that you sure with the answer.

How to Attempt the exam

Well, to be frank enough there are several ways of attempting the exam, but the best two ways are shared in this article.

  • Begin with the easy questions and go on answering the difficult questions at the end. This method is applicable on English, Reasoning and Quant section.
  • Now the next strategy is completely opposite to the previous one. Some candidates feel that they are fresh in the beginning of the examination so why not take up the difficult questions first. Solving difficult blocks will leave you with easy questions that can be quickly answered at the end.

Skip to the next question, never get stuck

If you find any difficult question then it is wise to leave that for later and move onto the next question. Always keep this in mind that you are not there to answer all 200 questions. Even 140 will help you sail across.

Be quick and spare some time for reviewing

Try to finish the exam before the allotted time because this will help you answer the skipped unanswered questions.



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