SSC CGL Prelims Exam Online Vs Offline


SSC CGL Prelims Exam Online Vs Offline

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As you all should be well aware about the fact that SSC has announced that entry through CGL will be totally based upon Online Exam. Apart from this, Whole exam pattern is also changed by introducing 4 Tiers in it as there is no provision for interviewing candidates. Before appearing in the exam, there are few important things that you should know.

What is online Examination?

In online examination, all questions will appear on computer screen at examination venue and candidates have to mark answers on it. There are several characteristics that you can face at the exam center.

Safe Attempts in SSC CGL Prelims Exam

  1. Unlike Offline exam, Only one question will appear before you. So, you can answer one question at one time. You can skip question and mark it for review.
  2. There is a time limit in which you have to answer all questions.
  3. All questions would be the Multiple choice questions (MCQs).
  4. After completing exam, you have to Submit the Test. In case, if you are not able to submit it. It will be automatically submitted after the allotted time duration.

What is offline Exam?

It also referred to the paper based examination. It has following characteristics.

  1. It can be based upon Subjective or Objective questions.
  2. Candidates have access to more questions i.e. candidates can solve any question as per his convenience.
  3. After solving questions, Candidates are required to fill the answers in answer sheet with round black dot.
  4. All locked/ marked answers cannot be altered.

Now, here is a question that arises about the difference between Online & offline Exam. The difference between these two is stated as below: –

Online Exam

Offline Exam

It requires less resources in organizing exam and producing results.Whereas Offline requires a lot of paper for exam and further in generating and displaying results from papers to online medium.
It is less expensive because of less engagement of resources.It is much expensive than the online exam.
It does not involve time taking OMR sheets filling and wrong answers can be altered at any time.Whereas, it involves OMR sheet in which all answers are to be recorded & there is no scope for alteration of wrong answer to right one.
There is a possibilities of having technical glitches like turning off the power, Internet connectivity issues and hardware problems etc.Whereas, offline examination has no such Irregularities.
Candidates feel themselves uncomfortable as lack of familiarity with online examination.In Offline exam is more comfortable to appear and qualify.
Questions can be marked for reviewing, so that, Candidate can look upon questions whenever he supposes to do.It is not possible in Offline after marking question as you can review it but can’t alter it.

SSC CGL 2016 Prelims Practice Paper

We hope that the above information will be useful and provides you the possible merits & demerits of online examination.

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