Speed Reading in English Comprehension- The way Toppers do it!


Speed Reading in English Comprehension- The way Toppers do it! 


Dear Sehpaathians,

Many of you are scared from the Reading Comprehension section of English. But believe us friends Reading Comprehension is the most easy part of English section,Let us discuss this in detail that how can you tackle this.

The major element which will most definitely lead you to success in SBI (in addition to decent preparation) is speed. You need to have a good reading speed in order to crack any section of this paper.

Good reading speed will help you with:

  • Scanning the question paper quickly
  • Answering reading comprehensions in limited time
  • Clicking answers to GK questions under time pressure
  • Solving legal reasoning Principle-fact based questions without re-reading

Reading is not restricted to just going through the question paper while taking as little time as possible; it also requires that you read through a passage and understand most of it. If not all, make sure you get most of it.

Increase reading speed, but how?

Now, most of you would be wondering how to increase your reading speed, especially to work against the clock with only little time left for SBI. Don’t worry our experts have come up with a full proof plan to accelerate the reading speed with increased accuracy of understanding. The tips for the same are discussed below:

Start with the Newspaper:

Reading the paper is the sure-fire key to cracking the exam. The newspaper will not only help you with GA in SBI, but also with English. Aspirants preparing for SBI must organise their time efficiently such that they can spare enough time for other important things.

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This means that you need to have a plan for the newspaper. You can’t spend 2 hours pondering over it. Take the paper, open the editorial, and be done with the entire Editorial and Op-Ed page (assuming you subscribe to The Hindu, if you don’t, do so, for English) in 30-45 minutes tops. Set the timer for according to your speed initially and bring it under 30 minutes gradually and you will observe the improvement. If you don’t understand a certain word, try to use context to understand it (works most of the time) and then look up the meaning.

Toppers tips for Speed reading:

This is a technique that helps in those long English passages where you spend 10 minutes.

  • Read the first and last line of each paragraph of a comprehension as a starter. This will give you an idea of what the paragraph contains, so the next time you read it, you won’t be totally lost as to what the passage is all about. This could also help you with answering some questions based on the passage.
  • Get familiar with common legal principles before the exam which are asked frequenly. This will help save reading time in the exam.
  • Try to read not just offline content but online as well. It is easier to get distracted when you read online. Some get a headache after attempting a 2 hours online exam as it becomes hard to concentrate.

Concentration and Focus:

Some of you may have this habit of reading a sentence multiple times over since you didn’t get it the first time over or you were distracted. Drop this habit. Now! It is the worst habit you can carry over to the exam. It will double fold the time you take to read a passage. Thus wasting of this crucial time cannot be afforded at any cost.

Get into a habit of understanding whatever is written in the first reading. And for this, read as much as you can, force yourself to start again if you need to go back even one sentence, but read the entire thing in one go without repetitions. This is for certain that getting over this will take time, but this thing will help you in the SBI exam.

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