Sentence Improvement Set 15

sentence improvement

Sentence Improvement Set 15

Sentence Improvement Questions are important part of english sentence formation. Using the right words, tenses, pronouns, conjunctions, modal is important for phrasing a sentence right. We here will be coming up with our daily sets of sentence improvement which will be helpful to you to frame sentences properly.

Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the phrase given in BOLD in the following sentence to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. If the sentences is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (e) as the answer. 
Q1. We have accepted over two billion dollars from them yet it is been used to build hospitals in the area.
(a) that is yet to use
(b) although it has been used
(c) no yet being used
(d) which will be used
(e) No correction required
Q2. People have respond in favour the government’s efforts to resolve the budget crisis.
(a) favourably responded
(b) response in favour of
(c) responded favourably to
(d) been responding favourably
(e) No correction required
Q3. Striking this deal will enable the company to expend its operations in Europe.
(a) Strike this deal that
(b) To strike off this deal
(c) By striking this deal to
(d) This deal was struck which
(e) No correction required
Q4. We admire they are taking this step despite the numerous risks involved.
(a) them to take
(b) them for taking
(c) that they have taken over
(d) how their taking of
(e) No correction required
Q5. The management has been left with no option else to change the branch timings to avoid losing business.
(a) but to change
(b) except the change of
(c) unless it changes with
(d) other than the changing
(e) No correction required

S1. Ans.(D)

S2. Ans.(C)

S3. Ans.(E)

S4. Ans.(B)

S5. Ans.(A)

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