Score Booster for Banking Exams


Score Booster For Banking Exams (A few tips)

You temperament in Examination Hall decides where you are heading.Always keep yourself cool and don’t ever bother what the aspirant sitting next to you is doing. I have seen many candidates seeing their partner (person giving the exam next seat) and they are attempting their paper fast they become nervous. Avoid doing it. Banking exams are time constraint. You have no time to waste

Banking Exams are one of the most contested and a tough exam to crack. It needs a lot of hard and smart work to be able to crack it. Cracking it with a difference is important to increase your chances to get a Job in your desired PSB.
Banking Capsule for SBI Clerical 2016

So I am here to discuss what points make a difference and how to boost your score in Banking examinations. This post has been written in accordance with my 3 year experience of banking exams.

    • download (1)I have seen people get very nervous if the paper is tough for them or calculations are very lengthy.  A message for such candidates is paper will be tough for all then. So don’t bother at all and give your best. We have seen cutoff’s as low as 61/200 in the past (IBPS PO 3) and 76/200 in (IBPS PO 5)
    • Attempt your strongest first: In exams where you need to race against time, wasting it for questions you are afraid of diminishes your chances of clearing the examination.

    • Always be confident: I have seen many candidates losing confidence if they are unable to solve a few questions in continuation. Always be confident, the next questions will be a simple one and you would score in it. And those you couldn’t score will be difficult for all
    • Focus on Financial Awareness, General Awareness and Computer awareness: These three constitute of 60-70 marks. if you can score even 45-55 out of it, this would prove to be a game changer.
    • downloadLearn to leave: In competitive exams attempting all questions is not important. Important is to solve maximum with highest accuracy. So before even planning to start solving your paper, kick out the portions to leave. According to me some are
      Multiple Hierarchy Arrangement Questions
      A Set of DI questions asking too many details
      Even if you leave all of these your score decreases by just 40 but you save valuable time equivalent to solving 50 questions. Cover up the gap by solving other questions. Wasting much time over one question is suicidal in Banking examinations. 
    • images (1)Plan your paper: Everyone have their own set of skills, speed and efficiency. The best way to utilize it to optimum level is to plan your paper. You must know what you will attempt first, second and last. You must know where to dedicate time and what to leave.
      If you ask my advice i would suggest, in the first 35-40 mins of your paper bang apart General awareness, banking awareness, computer awareness and English. Once you complete them you will be left with 100 questions from Reasoning and Quant and time allowed will be around 80 minutes (If exam is of 120 minutes) -110 minutes (If exam is of 160 minutes). This would take off the pressure from you, and you can solve the questions with higher accuracy and efficiency. Divide time in almost equal halves and try to attempt as many as possible.
    • Take lessons from past mistakes: Most of the aspirants have been continuously giving examinations, and have their own sets of learning. Learn from them and try not to repeat them again.
    • Practice A lot: Practice makes a man perfect, increases accuracy and enhances speed. Practice well.

  • download (2)Finally Exam is no end: At the end i would like to speak again that an exam is not the end of the world nor does it signify your inefficiency. Always learn to stand a back stronger and face challenges. Success is waiting for you and you are on the right path.

I hope all my points fall in line with the preparation of you candidates. Good Luck. Keep following this website for regular material updates and tips to boost your performance.

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