Salary Structure in PSU banks Probationary Officer


Salary Structure PSU banks Probationary Officer

With IBPS PO 2017 notifications are about to come and exams for the same will help within 2 months. We are here with the salary structure of Probationary officers in all PSU banks except SBI and RBI

  1. Basic: Rs. 23700/-
  2. Dearness Allowance : 51.6% i.e Rs 12229/- (Current DA, DA changes every 3 months)
  3. Hra max 9% 2133
  4. Special pay 2784 (7.75 of basic + equivalent Da)
  5. CCA max 800

Max salary 41646/-

If you are posted in a village then HRA will be 7% of Basic Pay (min) and CCA will not be there

Minimum Salary = Rs40500/-

Salaries of A probationary Officer in A Regional Rural bank

Promotion Policies at Banks

Other than this all banks(except RRB’s) give different perks to their officers like lease, petrol, conveyance etc. It varies from bank to bank.

Of these around 4000 will be deducted on account of union charges, NPS etc.

Banks contribute equal your amount in NPS (National Pension Scheme). Suppose if your deduction is 3500 then bank will also contribute the same.

Then on every year of completed service you will be eligible of an increment

So all aspirants increase your interview preparation. This is the minimum remuneration you will be getting in a PSU bank.

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  • shree

    Sir what is the in hand salary of psb p.o.?

  • aswin rout

    Sir, what is the approximately cash in hand salary of a rrb scale 1 officer

  • When RRB’s were formed, in their principal structure perks were abandoned

    You just get hra in rrb

  • aswin rout

    Sir, why the rrb banks are not give perks to their officers

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  • Yes mostly except RRB’s give you leased accomidation but some banks give it to you after probation period once you get confirmed

  • Ashwini Bhardwaj

    sir, tell me one thing. do all banks provide the facillity of house on lease?

  • Add about 690 in salary
    DA has now improved… Share it among your friends

  • Ambitious Himanshu P.O.[V]

    Very nice work Sir
    I love this site