Profit and Loss Set 15

profit loss

Profit and Loss Set 15

We are here with the Profit and Loss exercise which is very important for competitive exams. Profit and Loss questions usually carry 3-5 marks in competitive exams.

profit lossQ1. Due to 25% fall in the rate of eggs one can buy 2 dozen eggs more than before by investing Rs. 162. The original rate per dozen of the eggs is
(a) Rs. 22
(b) Rs. 24
(c) Rs. 27
(d) Rs. 30

Q2. Last year Mr. A bought two paintings. This year he sold them for Rs. 20,000 each. On one, he made a 25% profit and of the other he had a 25% loss. Then his net profit or loss is
(a) He lost more than Rs. 2000
(b) He lost less than Rs. 2000
(c) He earned more than Rs. 2000
(d) He earned less than Rs. 2000

Q3. A shopkeeper sells rice at 10% profit and uses weight 30% less the actual measure. He gain percent is
(a) 57(2/3)%
(b) 57(1/7)%
(c) 57(2/5)%
(d) 57(3/7)%

Q4. A photographer allows a discount of 10% on the advertised price of a camera. The price (in Rs.) that must be marked on the camera, which cost him Rs. 600 to make a profit of 20% would be
(a) 60
(b) 800
(c) 700
(d) 850

Q5. A dinner set is quoted for Rs. 1500. A customer pays Rs. 1173 for it. It the customer get a series of two discounts and the rate of first discount is 15% then the rate of second discount was,
(a) 15%
(b) 7%
(c) 9%
(d) 8%


1. C        2. B      3. D       4. B       5. C

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