Preparation Tips for IBPS PO 2016 Pre


Preparation Tips for IBPS PO 2016 Pre

With Just more than a month to go before IBPS recruitment for Probationary officer exam starts  I am here with tips on how to improve your score in IBPS PO 2016 Pre

Pre-Examination has been added this year which will be of 100 marks and time allowed will be 60 minutes. The exam will consist of 3 sections, Quant and DI, English and Reasoning.

Quant and DI35 Questions
Reasoning35 Questions
English30 Questions

I expect this exam to be simpler than IBPS PO 2015 Mains with level of all section will be from easy to moderate. For all aspirants my tips for this upcoming important paper are as follows

Quant: As this section is one of the most scoring, but most time taking section you must attempt after both the sections in the end. I expect 15 questions from this section will be easy. Give special preference to

  • Approximation (Take nearest round number to soolve the question)
  • Percentage (Learn fraction table upto 15 like 1/11 = 9.09 or 1/9 = 11.11)
  • Practice some probability questions (1 simple question is expected)
  • Pie Chart and graph DI questions.
  • Work Time and Distance questions (atleast 1 question expected)

How to save time in DI

The best way to save time in DI is to bring all values under same platform. For Eg. in a pie chart if you have been given 2 figures one in terms of degree and other in percentage, bring them in one term.

Either convert degree to Percentage (Formula = Degree given / 360 * 100 ) or
Convert Percentage to Degree (Formula =  % given / 100 * 360)

In questions where graph is given the best way is go to question. If the graph corresponds a school and total students and number of males have been given. Immediately find out the number of girls. If 5 questions are given in that set atleast 2 of them will be question on number of girls.

If we can attempt a good 20 questions in 20 mins in quant its sufficient to seal your show.

Reasoning: Reasoning has a set of questions if practiced well, can seal your show. Focus on the following questions in the reasoning paper.

  1. Input-Output (Machine Language Questions) : The best way to solve these questions is to analyze the pattern and write down all steps of the given input at once. It will be accurate and very easy to answer questions thereafter
  2. Syllogism Questions (All a are B ones)
  3. Statement, Assumption and Inference : Understand the sense of problem, think twice and assume. Just 2 assumptions of 5 will be near.
  4. Questions related to Rearrange the Word, Direction etc.
  5. Condition Based Questions
  6. Seating arrangement questions (if its single Hierarchy)

Click Here to see the Written paper Experiences of last year candidates

If you are able to attempt 20 accurate questions in 20 minutes, it will sufficient to seal your show.

English: Attempt English first. English can be attempted quickly if you leave comprehensions. You must focus on

  1. Cloze Test
  2. Rearrange the sentences
  3. Find the error
  4. Solve the Antonym and Synonym only in Comprehensions.

If You are able to score an accurate 15 in 10 minutes it will be sufficient to seal your show in English

Now after all you are left with 10 minutes. Try to attempt more questions from reasoning or Quant but accurately.

What Not to do in Pre Exam

  1. Be Over-confident. You might have prepared well but there is still a lot of room for learning.
  2. Never try to attempt a complete 100. You are not superman. Focus on accuracy rather than number.
  3. Don’t try to assume a lot. Most of the time assumption results in wrong and for every wrong answer you are penalized
  4. Never waste a lot of time on single questions. Always remember its a competition and every second is precious here.

Best of luck for your IBPS PO PRE exam. I have shared all my view with you as per my experience. Do give me a feedback on suggestions and how would you improve.

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