Practical Guide to excel in SBI Clerk 2016


Practical Guide to excel in SBI Clerk 2016

SBI-Probationary-Officer-Recruitment-NotificationAs an SBI Clerk aspirant not only needs to cover the entire syllabus but also needs to follow a specific strategy to score good marks in SBI Clerk Exam 2016.

Sehpaathi have collected few points from the experiences of some successful Clerk Aspirants on how to not only clear but also score good in SBI Clerk Exam.

In this post we will cover the crucial steps on how to score good marks or excel in SBI Clerk 2016 and beat the competition.

Apply the Right strategy towards the Prelims

Let’s talk about a definitive strategy towards Prelims Exam. Go through previous year papers thoroughly. This way you will come to know about the main topics asked in the Exam. Then start giving the mock tests and for this you will need to join a good online test series for Bank Exams. Then finish the major topics that are more scoring and less time consuming.

Start attempting the mocks. Start with giving a mock test per day then increase the number to 2 mock tests just 5 days before the Prelims Exams. Fetching good marks in mocks will help you build your confidence. This way you would be in a rhythm of solving questions before the Examination. Don’t forget to give priority to all the subjects to clear sectional cut-off.

Analysis of mock tests is also very important. Go through the solutions of all the questions. Analyze your performance to understand where you need to improve. Keep in mind NOT to avoid those tests that seem difficult to you.

Practice, Analyze to become Exam Ready

Solve lots of mock tests. All the more, there is no benefit of solving many mock tests if you don’t keep track of your weaknesses and improve them. Keep on taking mock tests till you feel confident enough to face the Exams. Your score in Mocks should be 10 – 15 marks more than the previous year’s cut – off and then you could say that you are ready for the Exam. Spend your free time taking mocks and analyzing them.


Attempt a few sectional tests before full length tests


Attempting sectional tests would help you get comfortable with each of the sections. Then attempt the full-length tests. Sectional tests are also easy to practice and they do not take much time. One may invest 20 minutes at a stretch and can finish a section in 20 minutes.

Focus on Quantitative Aptitude

You must save some time from English section and Reasoning sections and divert it to Quantitative Ability as this section consumes the maximum time.

Brush up the important formulae. Refer to Books like R.S. Aggarwal, and practice previous year papers. Previous year papers will help you to identify different types and areas of questions. Then attempt mocks followed by analysis of mock tests.

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Concentrate on all questions related to Number series, Simplification and Data Interpretation.

You must focus on the following topics more:

Profit and Loss, Simplification & Approximation, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, Problems on Sharing, Number Series, Interest (Simple and Compound), Data Interpretation, time and distance.

Give Time to English Language

If candidates can manage time properly, they can score very high in English language. Concentrate more on selected topics like comprehension, Errors, Cloze test, phrase replacement.

This section is less time consuming and easy to score if proper preparation time is given to it.

Reading Comprehension part is very lengthy and takes away maximum of your time. You need to well balance your time into attempting RC as it is the most comprehensive part of English Language.

Books like Wren & Martin should be consulted for clearing basics and strengthening Grammar. Subscribe to and read an English daily Newspaper like ‘The Times of India’. It will improve your speed of reading and comprehending the content given in the comprehension. Practice to get Parajumbles right.

Give your full attention to Reasoning

Get familiar with as many different types of problems in reasoning. Not only speed but accuracy also plays an important role in this section. No memorization of formulae or additional knowledge is required to solve questions in this section.

Do not leave the seating arrangement questions, puzzle questions or comprehensive type reasoning questions totally. They are a very scoring part of this section. You can build your own strategy of solving them quickly once you get into the habit of practicing. With practice you can solve 5 to 6 questions in no time. There is one drawback associated with puzzle type questions and that is, if you solve one step of puzzle wrongly, your all answers will be wrong. So solve such questions with a great deal of concentration.

Topics you must definitely concentrate on in Reasoning Section

Floor & Inequality. Coding and de-coding, Problem Solving, Puzzles related to Blood Relation, Venn Diagrams, Seating Arrangements, Statement & Conclusion type questions.

Abide by a fixed schedule


Do not necessarily spend long hours on studying. Rather chart out a schedule and stick on it on daily basis. It’s not about how many hours you put in but it’s about how well you utilize the hours you have put in.

Solve mocks and give time to analysis of mocks after solving them.

Attempt one mock test in the morning followed by its analysis. Then read a paper for improving English or for updating your current affairs. Then again in the evening attempt a mock test followed by its analysis. Then revise one of the subjects. Surely if you go by this systematic methodology you will crack SBI Clerk with a good score.




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