How to plan your preparation for IBPS PO VI


How to plan your preparation for IBPS PO VI

Dear Friends

IBPS PO VI exams are about 2 months ago which gives us an ample time to prepare for the exam. Most of the students have been preparing long for banking exam and are good in the question solving tricks. We come here with a plan on how you must go forward to excel in IBPS PO VI exam

Bank Preferences For IBPS PO 2016

Previous Year Cutoff Of IBPS PO 2016

  • Work on your weakness: We have ample time of 2 months for the prestigious exam. Use this time to overcome your difficulties in topics which you are afraid of. Make them your strengths. Always remember in a competition even a single mark matters
  •  Practice All Sections of the exam regularly: Revision and practice is very important to clear any exam. Never leave a topic untouched thinking that you are masters of this. Keep practicing them atleast once every 3 days. It will help you to remain connected.
  • Don’t be over-confident :- From our past experiences we have seen that students who have given many exams before but have missed out by a few marks, become careless and over-confident. The point is that in a competition, you need to be better and grow better. Your over-confidence will lead to debacle and another missed opportunity

How allotment of Banks is done through IBPS

Vacancies in IBPS PO VI

  • Read out the Successful Candidate experiences. How were they able to crack it:- This will give you confidence and will help you to prepare better.
  • Prepare a strategy:- Strategies are an important part of your preparation. Create your own strategy according to your conditions, circumstances and work in the way you have planned. Proper planning and strategy will pave your way towards success.
  • Keep on giving Mock Test / Practice Papers: Giving mock test helps you to know your mistakes and resolve them so that you can  excel in the exam.

Exam pattern of IBPS PO VI
I hope the above given points are helpful to you for your preparations for IBPS PO 2016 exam.

Best of Luck

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