Partnership Questions Set 13


Partnership Questions Set 13

Partnership based Questions are important for competitive exams like IBPS PO, SSC CGL. We are here with daily practice sets based on partnership questions.

Q1. A started a business with capital of Rs. 10000 Four months later B joined as a partner with a capital of Rs. 5000. What is the share of A out of total profit of Rs. 2000 at the end of the year. 
(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 1200
(c) Rs. 1500
(d) Rs. 800
(e) Rs. 850

Q2. A and B start a business with Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3500 respectively. After 4 month C joins the business with Rs. 4500. At the end of the year, C gets Rs. 900 as his share of profit then find the difference between profit share of B and A?
(a) Rs. 600
(b) Rs. 300
(c) Rs. 1200
(d) Rs. 1500
(e) Rs. 1250

Q3. A, B, C start a business jointly. Twice the investment of A is equal to thrice the capital of B and the investment of B is four times the investment of C. Find the share of B in annual profit of Rs. 297000.
(a) Rs. 258000
(b) Rs. 208000
(c) Rs. 118000
(d) Rs. 108000
(e) Rs. 98000

Q4. A and B started a joint business. Investment of A was thrice than that of B and tenure of investment by A was also two times that of B. If B got a profit of Rs. 4000 then, the total profit was.
(a) Rs. 24000
(b) Rs. 16000
(c) Rs. 28000
(d) Rs. 20000
(e) Rs. 24500

Q5. Pinku, Rinku and Tinku divide an amount of Rs. 4200 amongst themselves in the ratio of 7 : 8 : 6, respectively. If an amount of Rs. 200 is added to each of their shares, What will be the new respective ratio of their shares of amount?  
(a) 8 : 9 : 5
(b) 7 : 9 : 5
(c) 7 : 8 : 6
(d) 8 : 9 : 7
(e) 7 : 8 : 9




1. (C)           2. (B)        03. (D)        4. (C)        5. (D)





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