One Word Substitution Set 15

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One Word Substitution Set 15

One Word Substitutions are a very important part of vocabulary section. In one word substitution questions you are required to replace a phrase with one word. That one word complies with the meaning of that sentence.

Directions : In these questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

Q1. Either of two parallels of latitude on the earth, one 23°27’ north of the equator and the other 23°27’ south of the equator
(a) Tropic
(b) Torrid
(c) Arctic
(d) Frigid

Q2. To break up into small parts as the result of impact or decay
(a) To disintegrate
(b) Disharmony
(c) To disinherit
(d) To denigrate

Q3. To be indecisive
(a) To vex
(b) To dither
(c) Tiff
(d) To stew

Q4. To pull or twist out of shape
(a) To distort
(b) To gnarl
(c) Pervert
(d) To repudiate

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Q5. Become apparent through the appearance of symptoms.
(a) Manifest
(b) Distinct
(c) Hunch
(d) Divulged


1.A        2. A      3. B      4. A       5. A

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