NICL AO Prelims Exam Strategy


NICL AO Prelims Exam Strategy

Hello Friends,

As you all know that NICL AO Prelims exam is scheduled on June 3rd, 2017. It is the time that you start developing a strategy and practice more to make it perfect. In this post, we will discuss about the strategy for NICL AO Prelims.

Let’s come to the point and talk about the different section that is going to come in NICL AO Prelims.

This is the section in which we can see a lot of changes now a days. There are many new types of questions we can see in this section and that can also be possible in NICL AO so, be ready for that. In NICL AO prelims this section will consist of 30 questions.

  • Firstly in this section, you should go for Cloze test, Fillers, Errors and other topics which will consume less time and at last if you left with some time go for Reading comprehension but in that also firstly try to attempt Antonym/Synonym.
  • Then, at last do rest of the questions of reading comprehension which can from the topic like on Story based, Economy based, Social cause or Specific Topic-based.
  • The trick for Reading Comprehension can be to at first quickly read the questions and then accordingly go through the passage, this can save your time.
  • Remember it’s better to leave those questions that you find too much time consuming, be careful with your choices.

This is the section that can act as the scoring subject.  This is to test your intellectual level as no formula or method you have to learn to master this section it just required practice. In NICL AO prelims this section will consist of 35 questions.

As we have seen in the recent examination that this section mostly consists of Puzzles and sitting arrangement.
  • First, try to do your strong part in this section whether it is a puzzle or miscellaneous one. If you are going for puzzle don’t get stuck in any as it will consume a lot of time, just switch to next question.
  • The puzzles can be Circular Arrangement, Linear arrangement, floor based puzzle, a tabular puzzle with two or three or even four variables, puzzles combined with blood relation or Direction sense, Square/Rectangle sitting arrangement.
  • Some of the other focus areas to do well in this section are syllogism, blood relation questions, coding-decoding, input-output, inequalities, direction test, alpha numeric series and Logical reasoning.
  • The main thing is if you see something new or unexpected questions don’t get panic or nervous stay calm and try to attempt that accordingly.

The section here is quant, not maths so it requires your good command on calculation part. You should learn table and Square upto 20, which will definitely help you a lot throughout the whole quant section by saving a lot of time. In NICL AO prelims this section will consist of 35 questions.
  • This is a section in which you can achieve 100% accuracy as in this whether you are getting an answer or not. Like is reasoning in this you will get most of the questions from data interpretation(DI).
  • Other topics from which you can get a good number of questions are Number series, Simplification & Approximation and Quadratic Equation/Inequality. And you’ll certainly need a good calculation to save your time.
  • Firstly, you should go for the above mentioned topics and after that, if you left with time you will find some questions from the topics like Percentage, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Time & Work and Work & Wages, Pipes and Cisterns, Allegation or Mixtures, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Mensuration go for these.
  • The only strategy to tackle language problems is to go for those questions first you feel you are comfortable with.




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