What needs to be prepared in GA section for SBI-Clerk ?

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What needs to be prepared in GA section for SBI-Clerk ?

Candidates who are preparing for the SBI Clerk 2016 mains Exam, face a lot of difficulty in General Awareness (GA) section due to limitless syllabus of this section. Due to such vastness of the syllabus, it is impossible to learn and memorize every content of this subject. Hence selective study is the best approach to prepare for GA section of SBI-Clerk 2016 exam.

To help the candidates prepare well for the GA section, Sehpaathi has brought this compilation of important topics with strategies to prepare both static GK and current GA.

To find out exactly what needs to be prepared in GA section for SBI-Clerk, keep reading:

Topics asked in General Awareness section of SBI-Clerk

Under this heading we have tried to cover major important topics covered in GA syllabus:

Current Affairs:

Following topics must be prepared for Current Affairs:

  • National Current Affairs

Candidates should prepare national current affairs on Union and State Elections, Government schemes, announcements, ideation and execution of different projects of Union Ministry and state governments. Various Safety operations for Yatras and calamities. Union Budget, Agreements signed with other countries or within the nation by the states. Questions like First Geo thermal power plant in India, solar energy run airport, 100% literate city, etc. Also Census Data, India’s ranking in different indices.

  • International Current Affairs

In this topic candidates should learn the new appointments made in foreign countries, Paris attacks, ISIS in Syria, Summits, Information about SAARC, DOHA, BRICKS, etc. You should also go through International organisations like UNO, G-20, G4, etc. Natural calamities should also be studied.

  • Sports Current Affairs

Candidates must pay attention to Cricket, Tennis, FIFA, Olympics, Kabaddi, Hockey, etc. especially about the venues. Apart from this awards must be taken care of and prepared well.

  • Science, Technology, Space & Defence Current Affairs

News on space agencies like NASA, ISRO, SPACE X etc. their launches like PSLV, Falcon 9 launch vehicles etc. Then in the defence news candidates must prepare the defence policies, agreements, etc.

  • Persons in News/Awards

In this section, candidates have to prepare all the renowned awards that have been given since past one year. You also have to learn the important books and their authors. Current affairs on important people who died in this year should also be known. Important movie releases and awards should also be prepared.

  • Economy current affairs

In this part, you have to prepare the important organisations like SEBI, RBI etc. Also all the the schemes, credit ratings, Monetary reviews, Business news, etc should be studied.

Banking Awareness:

All that you need to prepare in the banking awareness includes History of the banking in India, different organisations like NABARD, etc., Foreign exchange reserves, Non Banking Financial companies like NPA and SARFAESI, various acts, Committees & legislation. Apart from this Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank, Banking Correspondence agents, Bancassurance, etc. should also be prepared. Candidates should also prepare BASEL norms, Banking Abbreviations, terms and concepts, Headquarters of Banks. Various policies launched by the government like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.


Static GK:

Static GK is also asked in the GK section of the examination. In this candidates can prepare various sanctuaries, wild life parks, Crops of India, various terrorist groups, Dams in India, festivals celebrated across the country, important rivers, famous personalities, etc.


Financial Awareness:

Candidates must prepare about RBI and it’s role and RBI’s Main Functions. Aspirants need to focus on the essential topics of Financial awareness like Policy Rates, Currency in India, NBFC, Accounts in Banks, ATMs, Performing & Non Performing Assets, Important Banking Terms, Important Codes in Banking, Head Quarters of Banks, etc.


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