Missing Data Interpretation Set – 1


Missing Data Interpretation Set – 1

Here we are with the Missing Data Interpretation Practice Set for the various competitive exams as this plays an important part in every exam.

Study the following table carefully to answer the questions that follow.
The table shows the income and expenditure in lakhs of A and B in five different years.
Note- profit = Income – expenditure

Q1. If the percentage profit of A in year 2011 is 20% then his expenditure is by how much percent (approximately) more or less than that of A in year 2014?
(a) 11% more
(b) 18% less
(c) 8% less
(d) 13% less
(e) 22% more

Q2. In year 2014, A expended 10 lakh more than B. Find what is the approximate percentage profit of B in the same year? 
(a) 23%
(b) 25%
(c) 35%
(d) 20%
(e) 27 %

Q3. What was the average income amount (in lakh) of A and B together in year 2013 if percentage profit earned by A was 16% and that of B was 17%?
(a) 436.9
(b) 438.2
(c) 408.8
(d) 440.9
(e) 456.9

Q4. If in year 2015 A earns a profit of 30 lakh, then his expenditure is approximately what percent of income of A in year 2012? 
(a) 82
(b) 78
(c) 80
(d) 86
(e) 92

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Q5. Income of A in year 2012 is by how much percent more than profit of A in 2014? (approximately)
(a) 520%
(b) 511%
(c) 490%
(d) 481%
(e) 610%

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