Missiles Launched by India Till Date


Missiles Launched by India Till Date

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Here is a sheet over Missiles launched by India till date. General awareness forms an important part of competitive exams with atleast 10% paper coming from these questions.

Do find this Sheet of General awareness

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A Brief Summary

Missile Name Type Range Category
K100 Medium range Air-to-air 300-400km Air To Air
Astra Missile Air-to-Air Missile 60-80kms Air To Air
Akash Missile Surface-to-air missile 30-35kms Surface to Air
Barak8 Long Range Surface to Air Missile
Also known as interceptor Missile made by India/Israel
100km Surface to Air
Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) Exo-Atmospheric Anti-Ballistic Missile Altitude 80km Defence Missile

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