Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant


Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant 

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) is the first in the world to have post-Fukushima safety enhancement requirements implemented and operated successfully

While Unit 1 at Kudankulam is functional and producing electricity after initial hiccups, Unit 2 had attained criticality on July 10 and is planned to be connected to the grid in August.

Safety Features

  • There are a number of advanced active and passive safety systems which ensure unprecedented design-level nuclear and ecological safety of the plant
  • Double localizing and protective containment, passive heat removal system from reactor plant automatically, core catcher, and closed industrial water intake are some of the safety features incorporated.
  • The reactor is protected from the impact of any earthquake, tsunami, tornado and hurricane.

Sea Water

  • Given that a large amount of seawater is drawn in to cool the reactors, measures have been taken to preserve the biological diversity of the Mannar Bay adjacent to Kudankulam.
  • Seawater is supplied from the so-called “bucket” constructed in the sea into the special facilities and systems which ensure that fish and plankton return to sea.

India and Russian Nuclear Cooperation

  • As part of India-Russia nuclear cooperation, the Rosatom state nuclear corporation is scheduled to construct six units of VVER-1000 light-water reactors at Kudankulam.
  • In December 2014, both sides announced a decision for the construction of at least 12 more units in India.
  • On India’s request, additional safety measures are being enforced in Units 3 and 4 to withstand even higher seismic, climatic and technical impact
  • On Units 5 and 6, in November 2015, Russia submitted the technical-commercial offer and their design had been agreed upon.
  • In February, a road map for construction of Units 5 and 6 prior to the General Framework Agreement (GFA) has been signed. The GFA is expected to be signed in autumn this year Russia is awaiting.
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