Key Points from PM Modi’s first Townhall Meeting


Key Points from PM Modi’s first Townhall Meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, organized the 1st townhall meeting to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the MyGov mobile app (the government’s citizen engagement platform) which became a tool of direct communication between the prime minister and citizens of India on 6th August 2016 . Through the app, any person could raise query, give suggestions on different issues. The event was organized at Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium at New Delhi. The PM fielded questions directly from Indian citizens and members of the diaspora community, and spoke about a number of issues, including economic development, agriculture, healthcare and even Gau-rakshaks.

Here are the key points on which he shared his view.

    • About Growth Rate: Prime-Minister Quoted that Indian Growth rate is commendable. He said that when the entire world is suffering under resession India is still among the fastest growing economies in the world. The economy has done well inspite two consecutive year of droughts.
    • Constant Economic Development: He said that the economic development must not go down. Our target should be to achieve a growth rate of over 8% for the next 3 years. Indian manufacturers must target global economies.
    • Participative democracy is essential: He said that every citizen must exercise their voting rights. Every citizen of the country should have his or her problem address. Technology and good governance will benefit farmers.

    • About Gaurakshak: PM Modi directly targetted Gaurakshak’s by saying that 80-85% Gaurakshaks are doing illegal activities in the night.
    • Responsible and Accountable governance: Governments often think only about winning the next election and shape their policies accordingly. Responsibility with accountability is the hallmark of good governance. Good governance means redundant processes don’t exist
    • Preventive and affordable healthcare: Public health is weak because we are ignorant about preventive health measures. If we are able to deliver safe and pure drinking water, diseases will recede automatically. Be it yoga, exercise or eating habits, we have to focus on preventive and affordable healthcare.
    • ‘Smart’ villages:  ‘Smart city’ is a concept for both cities and villages. Facilities available in urban areas should be available in rural areas as well. We have identified 300 places as part of our ‘rurban mission’. They can potentially become development centres. They will have the soul of a village but the facilities of a city.

  • Khadi For Nation, Khadi for Fashion: If we spend just 5% of our total spending on clothes on handloom and khadi, we will transform the lives of the poor. Khadi for nation and Khadi for fashion – this must be our guiding principle.
  • Leveraging heritage to attract tourists: E-visas have helped boost tourism. If thousands of tourists come to India, our cultural heritage will be converted into economic development. The Taj Mahal is a source of income for so many people today. We should use our tradition and culture to attract tourists.

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