IPPB PO Mains – Strategy for all sections


IPPB-PO Mains is scheduled in the month of Jan/Feb 2017 and little time is left. There is a lot of pressure over the candidates as they are worried about the result of Prelims exams and are also under a dilemma whether they will qualify for the Mains. Just like Prelims exam, sectional cut-off is also applicable in the Mains exam. In this article we will acquaint with section-wise tips and strategies which will help you in your upcoming exam.As we are expecting the exam pattern and level of IPPB Mains exam same as IBPS PO Mains exam.But as there will be very few seats so competition is very tough.

IPPB-PO Mains 2016 exam consists of the following sections:

S.No. Sections No. of questions Maximum Marks Time Allotted to each section
1 Reasoning 50 50 40 minutes
2 English Language 40 40 30 minutes
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 40 minutes
4 General Awareness(With special reference to banking sector) 40 40 20 minutes
5 Compute Knowledge 20 20 10 minutes
Total 200 200 140 minutes


IPPB-PO Mains 2016 Strategy for all 5 sections:

Here we are presenting section wise tips & strategies that will help you qualify IPPB-PO 2016 Mains Exam:

Reasoning Ability (DIFFICULT)

This section comprises of 50 questions and is usually a scoring section in exam. This is one of the MOST DIFFICULT sections. It tests your analytical & logical reasoning skills. It is full of puzzles and sitting arrangement. It requires a lot of practice and handwork to get a command over this section.

  • Never start your Reasoning section with puzzles or sitting arrangement as they are difficult and time consuming.
  • Start your exam with syllogism, data sufficiency, logical reasoning etc. as they are usually easy and less time consuming. They will boost your speed & confidence.
  • When solving input-output questions, give a quick look to the question. If you are able to understand the pattern, then only attempt these questions. They are usually tricky and time consuming.
  • You spend much time on single question. You can leave it proceed further.
  • Practice with an open mind. While attempting mock tests, do not say that this question is too easy and that question is CAT level and will not be asked in IPPB-PO Mains. You never know what question is the examiner going to ask you in the exam.

English Language (MODERATE):

This section comprises of 40 questions and is a very challenging section for most of the candidates. This year in PRELIMS exam also, the answers to a lot of questions were quite close and it is difficult to answer this section with high accuracy. For a well prepared candidate, this section is usually moderately difficult. Some candidates are not good at English. They should just try to clear the sectional cut-off in this section.

  • While preparing, your main focus should be on Grammar rules, sentence improvements and reading comprehensions.
  • Attempt as many previous years papers as you can.
  • Read newspaper on daily basis. It will really help you to improve your grammar skills.
  • This section usually consists of 2 comprehension passages and they are expected to be lengthy. So, practice lengthy comprehensions at your place so that you are already acquainted with such passages & will not face much difficulty in the exam. You must be practicing 2 reading comprehensions on varied topics daily to secure minimum 20 marks in this section.
  • Practice exercises daily on topics like cloze test, Odd one Out, Para fillers, sentence improvement etc.

Quantitative Aptitude (DIFFICULT)

This section consists of 50 questions and is one of the most time consuming sections of the exam. Speed and accuracy matters a lot in this section. You have to attempt the questions with 100% accuracy in order to raise your score.

It is important that you have thoroughly practiced this section before your final exam. If you weak in this section, devote maximum time to this section while preparing for the exam. The level of the questions will be high as compared to the PRELIMS.

  • It is expected that you will find 4 sets of Data Interpretation which will approximately comprise of 20 questions. Find the easiest DI and start your exam from there. It is not necessary to solve all the parts of DI, if you manage to solve 3-4 questions from each DI, you can easily clear the sectional cut-off. Use time saving tricks in Data Interpretation to target minimum 3 blocks out of 4.
  • For solving miscellaneous questions, you should know the basic rule of all the chapters.
  • Number series questions will be of MODERATE level. With good practice, you can easily manage to attempt 2-3 questions.
  • You should be good in calculations. Learn shortcuts for most of the quant topics of IPPB-PO to save time spent on calculations.
  • You must know the formulas and their correct application.
  • Tables, squares, cubes upto 20 should be on your tips.
  • Use shortcut tricks only if you have practiced them a-lot otherwise you will end up wasting your time

General Awareness (EASY- MODERATE)

This section comprises of 40 questions and is a very scoring section. You can easily score 25+ if you are good in current affairs and banking awareness.

  • Practice GK and banking awareness quiz on regular basis.
  • Banking term and abbreviations should be thoroughly mugged up.
  • Focus on current affairs of minimum past 3┬ámonths.
  • Make it a habit of reading 1 financial newspaper daily. Jot down important news in a notebook and revise it daily.
  • Watch financial news channels.
  • Practice questions from general awareness section asked in other banking, insurance exams. They will give you a idea about the type of questions being asked.

Computer Awareness (EASY- MODERATE)

This section comprises of 20 questions and is one of the easiest sections in IPPB-PO MAINS. You can easily score 13-15 marks in this section.

  • Attempt as many as computer quizzes as you can.
  • Practice questions from previous years papers. Many questions are repeated every year in bank exams.

Efficiently implementing the above listed strategies will definitely help you to get through IPPB-PO MAINS exam with a good score. Apart from these, you must attempt full length mock tests to boost your confidence, enhance your speed and keep an eye on your preparation.



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