Interview Preparation for IT Officer Discuss Session 2


Interview Preparation for IT Officer Discuss Session 2

interview preparationDear Sehpaathians
We will ask questions here one by one and will request the aspirants to participate with their answers.
We will then update our answers using comment box. This will be a type of interactive session.

Time 11:00-12:00

The Session will be taken by Sudeep Sir, Who is Manager at Indian Overseas Bank. Questions will be posted in disqus comment box.

Questions Asked During the session

Questions 1: What are the major challenges being faced by Banking Industry today. How can technology help to solve it
Answer: Sir biggest problem in banks these days is of NPA. Sir Technology can play a big role in NPA reduction. Using technology we can send sms to customers reminding them that their installment is due, we can send them the amount due, We can create mechanism through which if money is credited to savings account of loan customer whose amount is due, it is directly debitted by system.
Technology can play a vital role in banks sir

Question 2: If you are asked to work in a branch after a period of time, will you be able to change profile
Answer: sir i am passionate about to work in the role of IT officer..where i can utilise my technical skills….but in case if i have been asked to work in a branch.. becoz i m very adaptable . and ill see the positive side of working in branch also… i think working in branch gives u more exposure and u can learn more..

Question 3: What technologies do you see coming up in banking in few years
Answers: i think banking sector will be wholly digitalized in few years which will encourage currencyless business pperations and banking will become premiseless and paperless with the help of technology which will cutdown the paper printing cost also..becoz there are technologies which are coming up in few years like upgraded ATMs which might allow you to buy plane tickets, pay your bills, sign up for a mortgage, speak to a teller, and possibly more. and blockchain technology is seen as the main technological innovation of Bitcoin” and “is like a full history of banking transactions,” could become popular in few years…and then robot advisors technology will let customers know when they’re sacrificing their future savings for unnecessary purchases.

Question 4:You have been graduated in 2012. What have you been doing since then, preparation or job. How you justify the timegap?
Answer: Sir after graduation i was selected in HCL but HCL did not give joining ..i waited for 8 months and then i applied offcampus placements but i did not get any suitable job..and then i started post graduation..i completed it in 2015 then i decided to prepare for bank..
(You can frame your own answer)

Question 5: Suppose you are deputed for a few days in a branch which has a large rural customers. How will you help the branch to educate them to use banking technologies
Answer: Sir i am very good in hindi/English speaking.. so i can efficiently provide help by giving technnical assistance, and i will listen them too patiently if they need further help regarding that!

Question 6: Tell me the basic difference between C++ and JAVA technologies.
Answer: sir both java and c++ support object oriented programming but there is a difference between java and is a pure object oriented programming lang..where everything is a object becoz evrything gets derived from java.lang.object.but in c++ there is no root hierarchy ..c++ support both procedural oriented and object oriented programming c++ is also called as hybrid lang. and moreover java doesnot support complicated aspects of c++ like Pointers, templates, unions, operator overloading, structures etc….java is pointer free…and there is also a speicality of java that java is platform independent. but c++ is not! and java uses interpreter and compiler both but c++ uses only compiler..

Question 7: What are pointers in C language. What is their use.
Answers: sir , pointer is a variable which contains the address in memory of another variable and sir pointers are used to access the memory and manipulate the address.

Question 8: What sql command do we use to update a row in a table.
You have a table with entities: Name, email and you have inserted Sudeep,
You want to update it on ur name. Write an SQL Query to update it.
Answer: UPDATE table

SET Name=’Deepika’ ,email= ‘’

WHERE Name = ‘sudeep’ ,email = ‘’

Question 9:Differentiate between a hub and a switch?
Answer: sir , there is main dffernce between hub and switch is hub operates at physical layer and switch operates at datalink layer and hub is used for small network ..but when the network gets larger a switch is used. and hub is basically used to connect segments of a LAN and switch basically filters and forwrds the packets between LAN segments.Hub broadcasts on all connected nods where as in switch we can control broadcast. Rest all is correct