Interview Preparation for IT Officer Discuss Session 1


Interview Preparation for IT Officer Discuss Session 1

IT officer Interview QuestionsDear Sehpaathians
We will ask questions here one by one and will request the aspirants to participate with their answers.
We will then update our answers using comment box. This will be a type of interactive session.

Time 17:30-18:00

The Session will be taken by Sudeep Sir, Who is Manager at Indian Overseas Bank

Questions Asked During the session

Q1- What makes you fit for the job of an IT Officer. Why you must be selected among other candidates?
Answer: sir i think i am very much suitable for dis job …because first of all its my dream job..i m btech in CS and also PG course in CS. Sir I have an experience of IT applications, their working and how to modify and create them. Sir Banking today is becoming Technologically upgraded. In such times candidates like me can be fruitful. My experiences and knowledge of computer applications can help us adopt new technologies with ease and i can also communicate the same with branches who will be the end users of products we will make.

Q2- Why you want to join banking as an IT Officer and not as a Probationary Officer.
Answer: Sir I am a graduate in Computer Science/ IT. I possess the skills required for technical jobs at bank. An IT Officer Job Will help me out to use my knowledge properly for banking and help the team working at branches to work more efficiently by providing them best tecnical assistance. I can use my technical knowledge for development of applications which can help the customer services.

Q3- Suppose a flood comes in Chennai, where servers of a PSB are located. What is the way out for you to see bank still functions normally
Answers: Banks always have backup location servers on which all banking data is synchronized with main server. If the main server goes down, banks always have a secondary server to take over.

Q4: What is your top preference.
Answer: You must always know about the S/w being used there, their business, profit and NPA figure in last quarter

Q5- Give me a difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction
Answer: in encapsulation the program can hide the data and functions in a class from other classes.. by using modifiers like private protected internal..etc… in abstraction .basically .It deals with the outside view of an object…we can only show the essential details of object…

Q6: Difference between Compiler and Interpretor?
Answer: sir both compiler and interpretor is a program which converts prgrm written in high level lang into m/c code understood by the computer.but the difference is a program in compiler need not be compiled every time..but in interpreter entire highlevel program is converted into lo level program….and compiler takes entire program as a input and interpreter takes single instruction as input

Ques 7 will be from the place you belong. You must know the salient points of your state, your city and about famous places there