Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO from Pravin Thorat


Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO from Pravin Thorat

interview experience of IBPS RRB POThis post will tell you facts and points about Pravin Tharot’s state of mind before he went to give his interview for IBPS RRB PO [2015].

Here is a complete interview experience from Pravin Tharot

Texual Representation:

Name : Pravin Rajendra Thorat
Place : Hotel Varsha Inn, Cidco, Aurangabad.
Date : 18 Nov.
Time : 8.30 a.m.
Panel : 1 ( 4 male + 1 female )
Medium : Marathi + English
Graduation : Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Passout year : 2014
Category : General

Sehpaathi: How Did you Prepare For your Interview?
Pravin: I studied about following topics :
1) Personality related questions
2) Hometown details
3) Basic Banking knowledge
4) Current affairs ( Important Government Schemes )

( I did not studied about basic concepts of my graduation subjects  & thank God, luckily interviewer did not asked a single question on it 😀 )

Sehpaathi: What was your main focus point while preparing for interview. I mean to say on which area did you focus more?
Pravin: I concentrated on my personal information like meaning of name, famous personalities with same name/surname, all details of the hometown & famous personalities of that area.
Then i read all basic banking knowledge, all latest government schemes.
I did not give much time for graduation subjects as it is my quite weak point and left that part assuming interviewer will not questions from that part & suppose if he asks, then i already had made my mind that i will clearly tell him that sorry sir but i have not that much knowledge about my graduation subjects.

Sehpaathi: In which language was your interview taken?
Pravin: Interview was basically in Marathi but one person was also asking questions in English.

Sehpaathi: What was your mindset before going for the interview?
Pravin: Before going for the interview I decided to maintain myself calm, keep smile while giving answers.

Sehpaathi : How Many People were there in the interview panel and what all questions did they ask you.
Pravin: There were in total 5 members and according to my understanding all the members were related to different fields. Some one was physiologist, banker etc. Just after entering the room they asked me to sit down, calmed me. They took my introduction, my expected written marks and then they asked me about my family background. I answered all these questions very easily and then they went on with banking questions.
A total of 10 questions were asked from me.
1) Family background
2) Passout year ?
3) Why banking after engineering?
4) Had you joined coaching classes or not?
5) How much land ( farm ) you have?
6) Do u have any knowledge about agriculture?
7) How can you say that a bank is good or not?
8) What are the assets of a bank?
9) What is CRAR?
10) What is current rate of CRAR?

Sehpaathi: When did your turn for the interview came?
Pravin: I was the last interview candidate to be interviewd in panel 1 (morning batch), so my interview lasted for only 4 minutes just before lunch break.
(May be the panel members were too hungry ,
because all other candidates had their interviews for avg.10 minutes).
My turn came at 1.20 p.m.

Sehpaathi: What you think is the key point on which students must focus during the interview.
Pravin: The most important thing is the mindset. According to me preparing for interview, a candidate must mainly focus on his personality, family background & basic banking knowledge.
Well in many cases, interviewer asks about graduation knowledge or current affairs but they didn’t ask me the questions from these topics.
One more thing is while giving interview, one should maintain his calm, keep smile while giving answers.

Pravin:: This was my first ever interview & I am positive about the result.
I hope soon I will be sharing my success story on this wonderful website after the declaration of the RRB final results ;).
Hoping for the best.

Thanks to Sehpaathi website for all the study materials & valuable guidance 🙂

Thankyou Pravin Thorat for giving us this interview. We wish him best luck and success in his future assignment.

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