Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO from Pankaj Meghwal


Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO from Joydeep Kundu

Pankaj Meghwal Interview expereinceThis post will tell you facts and points about Pankaj Meghwal’s state of mind before he went to give his interview for IBPS RRB PO [2015].
Here is a complete interview experience from Pankaj Meghwal

Texual Representation:

Name : Pankaj Meghwal
place : Ajmer

date:- 26th nov,2015
time:-8:30 am
medium: Hindi and Gujarati

Sehpaathi: How Did you Prepare For your Interview?
Pankaj: I prepared everything from internet specially from whose 25 Questions & 50 Questions Interview Archives helped me a lot where i learned all basic banking terms, banking history, FAQs for interview.

Sehpaathi: What was your main focus point while preparing for interview. I mean to say on which area did you focus more?
Pankaj: I focused on my graduation subjects & all general awareness related to banking & economy. Apart from these i searched on internet about all financial institutions like RBI, IBA, SIDBI, NABARD, SBI, ALL PSB & RRBs which i have fiiled in my application form.

Sehpaathi: In which language was your interview taken?
Panjak Meghwal: My interview was taken throughout in hindi at last they checked my Gujarati knowledge as i have filled 1) Hindi 2) Gujarati 3) English as language proficiency.

Sehpaathi: What was your mindset before going for the interview?
Pankaj Meghwal: I was not nervous at all because it was my third interview of 2015 i have appeared in ibps clerk 4 in feb & sbi associate clk in may. It was my first PO Interview. In interviews what i felt that they check confidence first and then knowledge and then suitability for bank.

Sehpaathi : How Many People were there in the interview panel and what all questions did they ask you.
Pankaj Meghwal: There were 5 members in panel, of them one was lady.

First question from chairman: what are you doing currently?
I: Sir i am preparing for bank exams for last one year, before that i have been working with an IT company for 2 years.
Chairman: so you’re preparing only for exams and there is no source of income at the moment. Do you think you will get selected upto final list?
I: Why not sir, i have cleared so many written exams in past time and reached upto interview. This time i am confident enough that i will make upto final selection ( M2 started laughing inko pahle se hi pata he final ho kar rhega & all started laughing)
Chairman: OK Pankaj what is difference between credit card & debit card?
I: replied
Chairman: How we will compare two banks?
I: we will check their assets ( capital + reserve)
Another parameter will be camel’s rating
Chairman: oh yes can you tell the full form of camel?
I: replied
Chairman: what is asset quality in camel’s rating?
I: replied
M2: There is one another parameter also being used by RBI?
I: Yes sir that is INROADS (Indian Risk-Oriented and Dynamic Rating System)
M3: should we(banks) impose charges for counting notes
I: sir i don’t know at the moment.
(Later they checked Gujarati language. They told me to write & speak)
Chairman: OK Pankaj nice to meet you all the best
I:Thank you very much sir
( I stood up and said thank you sir, thank you madam separately to everyone in panel and came out)

Sehpaathi: When did your turn for the interview came?
Pankaj:I was 21 in our batch of 25 candidates.Our reporting time was 8:30AM but my turn came at 2:00 PM. It lasted for 12-15 minutes.

Sehpaathi: What you think is the key point on which students must focus during the interview.
Pankaj: During interview first you should be looked confident it’s very important. Second you should keep eye contact and listen carefully what is being asked. Third they must feel that the candidate is very interested in joining bank. Forth don’t answer if you don’t know the correct answer.

Pankaj:: This was my first ever PO interview
I hope soon I will be sharing my success story on this wonderful website after the declaration of the IBPS PO final results ;).
Hoping for the best.

Thanks to Sehpaathi website for all the study materials & valuable guidance 🙂

Thankyou Pankaj for sharing with us your interview expereince. Mr. Meghwal has been finally Selected as Probationary Officer. We wish him best luck and success in his future assignment.

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