Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO From Joydeep Kundu


Interview Experience of IBPS RRB PO from Joydeep Kundu

Joydeep Kundu Interview expereinceThis post will tell you facts and points about Joydeep Kundu’s state of mind before he went to give his interview for IBPS RRB PO [2015].
Here is a complete interview experience from Joydeep Kundu

Texual Representation:

Name : Joydeep Kundu
place : ubi regional office, nc dutta sarani kol-1

date:- 26th nov,2015
time:-1 pm
medium: english
graduation: b.tec(electrical)
passout year:- 2014
category:- general

Sehpaathi: How Did you Prepare For your Interview?
Joydeep: .I focused on various banking awareness material and also tried to go through various current affairs mainly related to banking sector. I prepared for HR questions through Sehpaathi.

Sehpaathi: What was your main focus point while preparing for interview. I mean to say on which area did you focus more?
Joydeep: I mainly focused on banking awareness as in that section I was very weak. My main focus was to give my answers with confidence that the interview panel cannot get chances to deduct marks. I was preparing on every aspect like, Seating, how to present myself, how to tackle questions I don’t know, how to keep a constant eye contact with the interviewers etc.

Sehpaathi: In which language was your interview taken?
Joydeep: Mostly English but in some cases they asked me in Bengali

Sehpaathi: What was your mindset before going for the interview?
Joydeep: I was quite nervous and thinking about the interview was making me more and more nervous and I was trying to calm myself down. It was a kind of psychological war going within me. But the interview panel was quite helpful and they helped me a lot

Sehpaathi : How Many People were there in the interview panel and what all questions did they ask you.
Joydeep: There were 5 members out of which one was female. The questions they asked me were like
1) Family background
3) A few questions on BALANCE SHEET
4) What is Differential rate of Interest ,
5) They asked me about Negotiable Instrument Act ,
6) Questions from Various Current Affairs

Sehpaathi: When did your turn for the interview came?
Joydeep: I was the Eighth interview candidate to be interview in panel 1 (morning batch), my interview lasted for about 8 minutes

Sehpaathi: What you think is the key point on which students must focus during the interview.
Joydeep: Stay calm as much as possible don’t try to make them fool and obviously be clear conceptually

Joydeep:: This was my first ever interview
I hope soon I will be sharing my success story on this wonderful website after the declaration of the IBPS PO final results ;).
Hoping for the best.

Thanks to Sehpaathi website for all the study materials & valuable guidance 🙂

Thankyou Joydeep Kundu for giving us this interview. Mr. Kundu has been finally Selected as Probationary Officer in Tripura Gramin bank. We wish him best luck and success in his future assignment.

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