Interview Experience of IBPS SO by Mekala A


Interview Experience of IBPS SO by Mekala A













Dear Sehpaathians,

Interview of Mekala was held on 15th March 2016 at IOB Chennai. Here is a full interview experience from her.

Venue- Chennai IOB regional Office

Date- 15th March, Session- Afternoon, Panel 1

As I was new to the city took an auto to the reach the venue. But, unfortunately the auto man dropped us in the Mount road branch opposite to the LIC building. While enquiring about the interview to the security guard, then he said that this is not the regional office, u need to walk for few more distance from here in order to reach the venue… so I started to walk from there and reached the spot exactly by 12.55.. By the time I reach there they have already started the biometrics process and document verification ( I was really tensed bcoz of that automan). I also went to register my presence and done with the biometrics. Then came to my seat and was arranging the certificates according to the list they gave. before I could complete this arrangement one person called out my name to ensure whether I was present for the interview or not. I stood up saying , “Sir”.  As soon as he saw me, He started to scold for not reporting to him and also I’m the first person in the list to be interviewed but I’m not even done with document verification formalities. Then he took me for document verification but there also I messed up everything bcoz of that tension and hurry… Now, completed document verification, I was asked to sit in a sofa before the interview panel and was instructed to get in when I hear the bell sound.

All Silence….. Few Minutes later (Bell Rang) Rushed to the door.

Me: Excuse me sir, May I come in?

Panel: NO………..

Me: I was like OMG!!! whats happening here? how should I react to this situation ( As I didn’t expect a NO from them )

Panel: Sorry Miss, We actually called someone (who is working there, may be an attendant) not you. Can u pls wait for few more mins?

Me: Yes sir. ( With a smiling face)

(There were 4 males and 1 female panel member)

Then again came to my seat. Everybody was laughing at my situation as it was an unexpected one.

Again few mins later.. the same bell sound (This time I was pretty sure that its my turn now).

Me: Excuse me sir, May I come in?

Panel: Yes, come in

Me: Wished everyone and Introduced Myself ( Just my name, as I was instructed to say, just to confirm my identity).

Panel: Ok Mekala, Please take your seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

M1 ( Sitting in the Middle) : Had your Lunch?

Me: Yes sir

M1: where?

Me: (a small recap) Sorry sir, I don't remember the hotel name as I am new to this city.

M1: New? So where do u come from?

Me: Coimbatore sir.

M1: oh, okay. Where did u completed your studies?

Me: Said.

M1: He spotted some hospital name near my college. But actually no hospital in such name.

Me: Said some hospital name, but it was not the one what they said. so stopped that topic.

M1: we have been to your college many times for some training program,  A big one, managed by a politician.

Me: (smiled) Yes sir.

M1: What is IMPS?

Me: explained

M2 ( immediate left to M1) : (in Tamil) Why did u chose BoB as ur first preference? Any specific reason?

Me: (Actually No reason at all, some random priority) But said, They have many abroad branches compared to all other banks.

M2: Oh, So you wish to go abroad and work? Then you could have chosen some IT company right?

Me: Its not tat sir, I wanna work in a bank abroad, I wanna see how a bank functions in abroad. and also IT companies are private but this is a govt sector. So I prefer to work here sir.

M2: Oh…

M3 (immediate right to M1): I think Punjab National Bank has the highest number of abroad branches.

Me: Oh, Sorry sir, I remember seeing BoB tops the list. That's y I said so.

M2:  Okie tell me how many branches do BoB have abroad?

Me: Sry sir, I don't know in numbers

M2: But its only very few.

Me: oh ok sir. Thank You. Also, Until last quarter The NPA of this bank was less compared to all other bank. That;s also one of the reason sir.

M3: Oh but last quarter, they showed the highest loss an indian bank has ever faced.

Me: yes sir, But It all because of provisioning sir.

M3: So, do u think that they will show profit in the next quarter?

Me: Yes sir, definitely.

M3: Okie, How much amount was the loss?

Me: some 3362 crores around sir.

M3: Okie good.

Me: Thank u sir.

M1: Tell me about your project?

Me: Explained.

M1: Tell me with an real time example

Me: Explained

M2: What database technologies u learned from Computer Science engg?

Me: MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and I did a course in Oracle sir.

M2: So u mean that u don’t have oracle in ur academic syllabus?

Me: yes sir

M1: Then, wats the point of studying only just theory part without proper practical guidance?

Me: (ayyayo, itha yen sir enta kekarenga? Anna university la sollunga sir) with a smiling face, I was blinking wat to answer for this question.

M1: How to retrieve data from a crashed server?

Me: Explained

M2: What is RAID?

Me: Redundant array of Inexpensive Disks. It is used to reduce redundant data and improve efficiency and performance.

M2: Its also used to avoid data corruption

Me: Oh. Thank u sir.

M1: Ok Mekala. Thank you so much for coming. Lets meet somewhere around Dubai or Hongkong ( as I said I wanna work abroad in BoB)

Me: (was Smiling) sure sir.

M1: Because, even we tried to get license in Dubai but they didn’t grant us permission. Bob is the only indian bank which have branches in Dubai.

Me: oh is it sir. Thanks for the information sir.

M1: ok. All the best.

Me: Thank you sir. Nice meeting you all. (came out of the room).

The complete process took one hour. Went inside by 12.55 and came out by 2 o clock.


1) Reach the venue atleast 30 mins before the reporting time. So that u can avoid last min rush.

2) Have your food.

3) Keep Smiling.

We are thankful to Mekala A for Sharing her wonderful interview experience. We wish he gets selected and becomes an officer with a PSU bank. Good Luck for her Future.

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