Interview Experience of IBPS SO by Deep Deepika


Interview Experience of IBPS SO by Deep Deepika

interview experience of IBPS SODear Sehpaathians,
Here we bring to you interview experience of IBPS SO by Deep Deepika who faced interview yesterday. Here is her experience.

My interview experience IBPS SO(IT OFFICER) Location: NOIDA
Venue: bank of india training centre , noida sector 62
Date: 14/03/2016
Panel Members: 7(6 males + 1 female) panel=>> III
While entering in the room, (Panel III – 6 males and 1 female) Me: (smiling)
Good Afternoon Mam, Good Afternoon Sirs, All Panel Members: Very Good Afternoon Deepika. Please, Have a seat. then Panel member in the middle of all members:

1.So,Deepika how many family members in your family, and what they do?
becoz you have done in they asked..What have you been doing since then, preparation or job??
2: Then IT member who was sitting at the left side asked few IT questions as follows:- 2. so , on which technology u have done ur btech project?? i told java.
3. then they asked difference between java and c++?
4. whats is OOPs(Object Oriented Programming System) explain encapsulation, polymorpshim and abstraction?
5. what is normalization? tel me about BCNF ?
6. what is RDBMS? done with IT member ‘s questions…

Then the panel member was sitting 2nd right he asked few banking questions…
7. what is the difference between RTGS and NEFT?
8. if server fails then What is the way out for you to see bank still functions normally??

Then lady member asked question:
9.if you are transferred to Mumbai and after marriage your husband is in Delhi…then how will you manage?

Then panel member who was sitting at 5th place asked: banks make profit mainly from?
11.what is credit policy??

Then panel member who was sitting at right end he asked:-
12.your name is beautiful so do u know..what is the meaning of your good name??

SO Overall, my interview experience was good.The panel members were friendly and were helping me.. and interview was in hindi language..they started questioning in hindi i also replied in hindi… so i guess, they were looking satisfied. Fingers crossed now!! so well! You can rock this interview JUST BE CONFIDENT! 🙂

We are thankful to Deep Deepika for Sharing her wonderful interview experience. We wish he gets selected and becomes an IT officer with a PSU bank. Good Luck for Future.