I am Personally Responsible for what happened to Veterinary

Personally Responsible for what happened to Veterinary

I am Personally Responsible for what happened to Veterinary

I goes down by sad lanes feeling bad and disappointed to what I have done to my society where people have become demons where they have lost their senses, heinous crimes has become a regular affairs and our interest is temporary.

Seeing to the lanes flocked with people of India at Delhi, I was optimistic that something good might happen in days to come. There came many new strict laws but the problem is even graver today. I am very worried to what has happening to my society, and what has happened to me.

What has happened to society

We are awesome individuals, but we have become so limited and busy in our own lives that we have forgot our contribution to the society. We have forgot that our contribution to the society doesn’t end with paying taxes. It starts and ends with our physical contribution to the society. Educating every walk of life of what is right and wrong since childhood is an important affair

In real world Today, many people don’t get even time to speak to their dear kids, listen to their problems, guide then of right and wrong. What matter to parents today is “How much marks you scored”, “How can a teacher dare to thrash my child”, “Sharma ji ke beta tumse acha kar rha hai”. In short a student life has been limited to marks, parents don’t pay heed to their kids because of their fast lives, and teacher don’t bother because it is now not a part of their duty, which once included “Scolding a child if he does something wrong”. Moral Science has been diminished, moral stories have been replaced by PUBG. The definition of right and wrong is today confused because it changes from person to person.

Today if we even see something wrong is happening, we are mere spectators clicking photos on mobiles. If we see someone dying, rather than taking him to hospital, many of us would click a photo with that person and post on facebook “Passing through Virar, Someone is in a serious condition, feeling sad,… RIP”. There have been several incidences in which someone had just hit your vehicle, and you took his life. The story of veterinary doctor was no different, she demanded help from strangers, and just look what your sons have done.

Dear Parents what the mess you have done to this society. If you would have given a slap on your kids face whenever they did wrong, my society would not have become demons.

Some contribution to today’s mess is also due to so called caste and religion. Even in modern Indian society, when marriages take place, a girl’s father has to pay huge dowry to marry her daughter to a groom. This is because “ki pehle bhi aisa hi hota aaya hai”. In our Rajasthan there are several times I have heard that a groom’s family demands huge amounts of money because groom is an officer or earning well. When asked why they say ki “hamne bhi hamari beti ki shaadi mein diya hai”. Our hell society has created women a business material and even brar about it.

What has happened to me?

I knew my responsibilities to the society but I too got too busy with my life and left those very important responsibilities behind. I will try provide knowledge to children, share my life experiences with them, share things that matter in life, provide them some moral policing. Atleast I can try to convert a few future might be demons to humans. I will share with them my knowledge about SEX, what is right and what is wrong, what is friendship, what does a girl friend mean. Women are not materials. They are human being and more emotional than men.

An Appeal

Friends its time for us to get back to our responsibilities towards society and deliver the least we can do. Lets go to schools every month, give a guest lecture, tell those students how amazing is this world and what new you can do. Interacting with them will help in shaping a bright future with those kids.

Sudeep Gangal