General Awareness Questions asked in SBI PO Mains


General Awareness Questions asked in SBI PO Mains

1). What is the Fiscal Deficit target for the year 2017/18? – 3.2% of GDP

2). In APBS “P” stands for – Aadhaar Payment Bridge System  

3). Which is considered as the Financial Metric for a company’s Operating Liquidity? – Working Capital

4). What is the Digital Transaction Target for 2017/18 – Rs. 2500 Cr

5). Which country ranks top in Economic Freedom Index? – Hong Kong

6). Kavinder Singh Bishtm Manoj Kumar & Sathish Kumar belongs to which soprts? – Boxing (Recently qualified for World Boxing Championship)

7). What is the venue of India Licensing Expo (ILE) which was held in Aug 2017? – Mumbai

8). How much amount was allotted for MGNREGA? – Rs. 48,000 Cr

9). What is the Credit target for Agriculture for 2017/18? – Rs. 10 lac Cr

10). As per RBI norms, which of the following that Payment Banks cannot do? NRI Deposits

11). Who is the highest wicket taker in Women’s Cricket team in ODI? – Julan Goswami

12). In MSF “S” stands for – Marginal Standing Facility

13). Previous year, India’s Military Expenditure was increased by – 8.5%

14). How much amount did Finland government pays for 2000 unemployed citizens in the country as monthly income? – 560 Euros

15). 14th International Day of Vesak was to be hosted at? – Sri Lanka

16). What will happen if Repo Rate Increases – Borrowing Rates and Lending Rates will also Increase

17). Class of derivatives whose value is at least partly derived from one or more underlying equity securities is known as – Equity Derivative

18). In PCA, “C” stands for – Prompt Corrective Action

19). How much amount was approved by the Central Government for Electronic Development? –Rs. 6831 Cr

20). What do we call the risk of collapse of an entire financial system or entire market?  –Systemic Risk

21). Who is the head of Indian FIFA committee? – Justice Mukul Mudgul

22). Headquarters of Indian Institute of R & D for Banking Technology? – Hyderabad

23). The NBFCs are allowed to accept/renew public deposits for a minimum period of 12 months and maximum period of _________. – 60 months

24). National Financial Switch (NFS) is the largest network of shared automated teller machines (ATMs) in India. It was regulated by – National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

25). India’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) recently had launched SBI Mingle, which provides banking facility through – Facebook & Twitter

26). Who is the head of Technical Committee of The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI), which was constituted in accordance with Regulation 14 of the IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2017? – R B Barman

27). According to SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) what is the India’s Military Spending? – 56 Billion USD

28). RBI has implemented JLF (Joint Lenders’ Forum) which was related to – Stress Assets

29). Tax evasion of more than what amount is considered as Non-Bail able offense?  – Rs. 5Cr

30). As per RBI norms, for small finance banks, initial promoter stake locked for 5 years should not be less than what percentage? – 40%

31). Who is the head of the task force which was created on Employment Data? – Aravind Panagariya

32). According to IMF, what will be the India’s GDP in 2018/19? – 7.7%

33). As per RBI norms, all the existing asset reconstruction companies (ARCs) must have a minimum corpus of _________by March 2019. – Rs 100 crore

34). According to Global Financial Integrity, what is the amount of Black Money inflow to India? –770 Billion USD



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