Frequently Asked Question in IBPS RRB Interview 1


Frequently Asked Question in IBPS RRB Interview (General Questions)

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IBPS-RRBDear Readers Now as the results of RRB All Grades are out we bring to you very common interview questions with out set No 1 on the given subject. We will be updating material and Videos on a regular basis to help maximum number of candidates to cherish their dreams.


1. Why do you want to join the bank
Answer: Sir, I have a deep interest in banking. The qualities and skills I possess can be fully utilized in banking industry. During my graduation days  I have developed vocational skills which ca be helpful in banking scenario. Moreover sir banking is changing everyday. From big ledgers we have now moved to fully digitization. In such a scenario I find myself aspiration to attain a bank job.
2. How can you contribute to the bank growth
Answer: Sir during my college days I have developed skills which can be helpful for banking today. I have developed skills like outspoken, able to convince someone, handling difficult situations etc. which can be very helpful in bank growth. Moreover I am a technically qualified person. In this changing era of technology, I can help customers to adapt with new banking technologies, turning them loyal to the bank and improving bank’s Brand value.
3. What you have done till now apart from preparation
(Frame this answer yourself, many answers possible)
4. Your resume shows you are an engineer. Why are you looking for job at a bank as a general officer and not a specialist one?
Answer: Sir if I join bank as an specilist I won’t get an opportunity to work in general banking. Sir Though general banking is said to be a bit tough, but it involves a full personality development. I find the working in general banking as more interactive and appealing than specialist. 
5. You know banks are dealing with problem of Non Performing Assets. How can you contribute to recover NPA accounts.
Answer: Yes sir NPA is a big problem for banks today. For recovery of NPA, i will try to contact the customer, request him to pay back the money, will go for legal action if he doesn’t. To stop any fresh slippage i will try to take steps on early signals to NPA, like irregular account etc. and will contact the customer well in advance.
6. What are your expectations from banking industry
Answer: Sir According to me banking Industry will change in the next 5 years. I assume the work load will go down drastically with tech education among masses and introduction of new payment systems. I assume that the branches will be completly digitalized with all operations like passbook printing, withdrawls, cash deposit being done by machines. 
7. Questions can be asked related to your place, to which you belong, or stay or recently visited
8. Question regarding the top banking news on the date of your interview
9. Suppose there is heavy rush at your branch, and a VIP customer comes in. You are handling the branch singly. How will you manage the operations?
Answer: I will ask the VIP customer to come in the cabin and tell me the work for which he is here. If the work can be completed immediately i will do it right away, else gently ask the customer to come after sometime. 

10. Suppose you have to deny a loan proposal to a customer sitting in front of you. How will you do so.
Answer: I will ask that customer to sit down. Will offer him tea. Then gradually i will tell my problem to him, like no sanctioning power etc. and will gently deny his loan.

Sehpaathi has launched a free Interview Guidance sessions with our Panel. We start it off from today between 7pm to 8pm. All candidates interested can ask their questions in the comment box given below. We are also trying to arrange hangout session with one of our Banking friend. Will update you once it happens

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