Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Banking – 6

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Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Banking – 6

Dear Readers Now as the interview dates of RRB All Grades are out we bring to you very common interview questions with out set No 6 on the given subject. We will be updating material and Videos on a regular basis to help maximum number of candidates to cherish their dreams.

Usually the time interval for interview for RRb exams lies between 7-9 minutes and more depending on the interest you are generating.


  1.  What future you see in banking?
    Answer :: Sir I see banking transformed in a fully digitalized system in few years from now. With limited customer dealing banks in India will be way ahead compared to today with their focus on technology transmission and helping customers adapting it.
  2. Banking Industry is facing challenges of acute manpower. How can we overcome it
    Answer:: Sir with mass retirements scheduled in coming 3 years, banks will shred of 40% of its current workforce. The tool to overcome the same sir is technological transmission and promoting alternate channels. The more amount of people use alternate channels better will be for us and banking. Sir with increased use of mobile phones in the country and introduction to rupay cards to almost all customers, i believe time is not very far off when banking will switch to alternative channels.
  3. Now there is a sustainable difference in NIM. What can we do to sustain it.
    A) In times of squeezing profits and Net Interest Margins sir, banks can focus on cross selling and bank-assurance products. These days banking is not limited to deposits and advances, it has expanded in number of fields. Banks need to penetrate more in these areas. banks can earn huge churn of money and also maintain their social responsibility targets using these schemes. For e.g. SBI PAI insurance scheme is one of the most successful scheme in recent days.
  4. What economic scenario do you see in the country.
    Answer:: Sir Economic Scenario in the country is encouraging. With new infrastructure and investment coming up we are heading towards a powerful India. In such times banks can penetrate themselves in new ventures bringing different schemes. 
  5. What IS CTS system
  6. What is FDI. What is your take on increased FDI in India



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