Frequently Asked Banking Interview Questions – 11


Frequently Asked Banking Interview Questions – 11

Dear Readers Now as the interview dates of RRB All Grades and IBPS PO are scheduled we bring to you very common banking interview questions with out set No 10 on the given subject. We will be updating material and Videos on a regular basis to help maximum number of candidates to cherish their dreams.

try Usually the time interval for interview for RRb exams and IBPS PO lies between 7-9 minutes and more depending on the interest you are generating.

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  1. What are S&P and Moody?
    Answer :: Sir, S&P stands for Standard and poor. Moody and S&P are credit agencies which analyze financial strength of banks, countries across the world.
  2. What is the full form of ASEAN. What is it?
    Answer:: Sir ASEAN is association of Southeast Asian Countries. It was formed on 8th August 1967. It is a political and economic organization of ten Southeast Asian countries. Sir Latest ASEAN Summit was held at Kaula Lampur and was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  3. What is CGTMSE? 
    Answer:: Sir, government to booster growth of startup’s and small business houses introduced the CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND TRUST FOR MICRO AND SMALL ENTERPRISES. Banks can offer Collateral free loans to SME customers, by covering them under CGTMSE guarantee fee
  4. What do you understand by diversion of funds of a bank loan?
    Answer:: Sir, Diversion of funds of a bank loan can be understood as the funds used for other purpose than projected while taking loan from the bank. Banks to minimize diversion of funds conduct Pre and Post inspection visits. 

  5. In loan against property, What type of charge is created. 
    Answer:: Sir In loan against property, the property is morgaged with the bank. In case loan is not repayed and become NPA bank can sell the property under Sarfeshi Act.
  6. What is bancassurance?
    Answer:: Sir, Selling of life assurance and other insurance products and services by banking institutions is known as bancassurance. Bancassurance has proved fruitful in increased earnings for bank, as banks earn premium on the policies disbursed.
    Various banks have launched their own subsidiaries like SBI Life, PNB Metlife etc.

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