Find the grammatical Error Set 29

grammatical error

Find the grammatical Error Set 29

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Find the grammatical error comes in almost all competitive examinations. Its a mandatory part of the paper. Here is a new series of Find the Grammatical Error for you to practice and Practice More.grammatical error

Q1. The report has been (a)/ prepared on the basis (b)/ of information we had and (c)/ on our judgement. (d) / No Error (e)

Q2. Why we do not (a)/meet to discuss (b)/ this matter in detail (c)/ on next Friday? (d) / No Error (e)

Q3. Had we known (a)/ that there was a catch (b)/ in the offer we (c) / would not have accepted it. (d) / No Error (e)

Q4. One of the secret (a)/ of success is (b)/ to keep up trying (c) / and not to give up. (d) / No Error (e)

Q5. The present study has been designed (a)/ to examine whether or not (b)/ traditional approaches are (c)/ still applicable. (d) / No Error (e)

Q6. If you inform me (a)/ of your’s arrival time (b)/ I shall come (c)/ to meet you at the airport. (d) / No Error (e)

Q7. Provided you promise (a)/ me not to repeat this (b)/ I shall not allow you (c)/ to take it up. (d) / No Error (e)

Q8. You cannot be (a)/ granted admission (b)/ unless you do not submit (c) / all the certificates in original. (d) / No Error (e)

Q9. I promise (a)/ to teach you (b)/ everything you (c)/ need to known. (d) / No Error (e)

Q10. To arrive at a decision (a)/ all the interesting parties (b)/ should be invited and (c) / involved in discussion. (d) / No Error (e)

Answers …..

01. C    02. A     03. E     04. A     05. E    06. B    07. C     08. C    09. D    10. B

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