How to Excel Your Score in SBI Clerical 2016 Prelims


How to Excel Your Score SBI Clerical 2016 Prelims

excel score sbi clerical 2016Dear Sehpaathians

With SBI Clerical 2016 Exam is scheduled to take place in May 2016, we are here with tips on how to excel your Score in SBI Clerical 2016 prelims. What will be a decent attempt to qualify for the mains examination.

Know the Syllabus 

SBI clerical follows a pattern of questions, which repeat themselves in every examination.

English: (Total Marks Weightage =30)

Reading Comprehension: It is expected that there will be 1 Reading comprehension of 10 marks. The level of Reading comprehension is expected to be simple with almost all questions could be attempted in a time span of 6-8 minutes. (But we prefer you must just do the antonym/synonym in comprehension) to save time for other questions.

Reading Comprehension Exercises:

Exercise VI Exercise V  Exercise IV    Exercise III    More 

Cloze Test: It is expected that there will be 8-10 questions on cloze test, mostly simple. Cloze test are the fill in the blank questions in which options given are very similar to each other. You are required to fill in the blanks with Prepositions, Verbs or Adjectives as per requirement. This is a must attempt section in the examination

How to Solve Cloze Test Questions

Quiz 1   Quiz II  Quiz III       Quiz IV        Quiz V
Exercise 21 Exercise 20   Exercise 19 Exercise 18 More

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Find The grammatical error: It is expected that there will be 5 questions on grammatical errors. Grammatical Error questions usually simple, but for solving them accurately you must have good knowledge of verbs, tenses and prepositions. You must attempt atleast 4 questions out of 5 in this section.

Exercise 11  Exercise 10 Exercise 09 Exercise 08 Other

Rearrange the Sentences in order: It is expected that there will be 5 questions in this section. These questions are moderate in nature. Aspirants need to have good knowledge of connecting and starting statements to solve these type of questions.

Exercise 7 Exercise 6     Exercise 5 Exercise 4     More

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Reasoning: (Total Marks Weightage =35)

Questions on directions, alphabets, word formations: These questions are very common in Reasoning. Usually 5-7 questions are asked on these segments in the examination. All these questions have certain tricks to solve them, which if known confirms your 100% marks here.

Direction Quiz 1  Exercise 4  Exercise 3  Exercise 2   Exercise 1

Syllogism: Syllogism Based questions are most common in all exams. Usually 3-5 questions of syllogism are asked in SBI Clerical. Syllogism questions follow 7 rules which if memorized and learnt correctly, probability of mistake in these questions becomes very less.

How to solve Syllogism Based Questions

Exercise 18  Exercise 17 Exercise 16      Exercise 15 More 

Machine Input-Output : These questions can be asked in 2 ways. One sample pattern and 5 questions asked on basis of a single input. Or One sample pattern and 5 questions asked on basis of different inputs. According to us in SBI Clerical 2016 questions from single input will be there. These questions are very simple with just a set of combinations. If you know how the combinations are made, solving these questions will be like a cake.

How to solve Machine Input Output Questions

Exercise 4  Exercise 3  Exercise 2 Exercise 1

Logical reasoning Questions: In this type of questions on relations, greator, smaller are asked. These questions require a sound analytical skills to solve them. You need to read the pattern correctly. Once you read it marks are yours. Usually 5 questions are asked from this section.

 Exercise 8    Exercise 7     Exercise 6     Exercise 5    More

Statement, Assumption and Conclusion/ effects-Causes: One of the simplest section of reasoning. Most students make it wrong. These type of questions need you to find the nearest conclusion or assumption for a given statement. Usually 5-10 questions are asked from this section.

 SCA Exercise 2    SCA Exercise 1  EC Exercise 2   EC Exercise 1

Equality-Inequality: These questions Usually belong to special characters, Greater, smaller type of questions. These questions are very easy to solve. Usually 5-7 questions on Equality- Inequality are asked in SBI Clerical 2016

Exercise I                              Exercise II

Seating Arrangement: One of the frequently asked sections in reasoning. Usually 5 questions are asked in Seating arrangement. In Clerical single hierarchy questions are asked

Tricks to solve Seating Arrangement Questions

 Exercise 6    Exercise 5      Exercise 4     Exercise 3  More

Quantitative Aptitude (Total Marks Weightage =35)

Speed Maths: This is the most important Section in Quant. As many as 5-10 questions will be asked from this questions. You need to know the tricks to solve these questions

Multiplication Rules for Speed Maths

 Exercise 13      Exercise 12    Exercise 11    Exercise 10     More

Approximation: These questions are also very important. Usually 5 questions are asked from this category. One of the simplest questions to do in exam.

Exercise 1

Missing Number Puzzle: These questions are also very important for Clerical examination. AS many as 5 questions can be asked from this section

Exercise 3          Exercise 2

Other questions asked: Usually 5-7 questions are asked from these sections. 

Profit Loss and Discounts    1-2 questions   Exercise 1

Tricks to solve Profit Loss and Discounts

Percentage  1-2 questions     Exercise II      Exercise I

Tricks to Solve Percentage Problems

Shortcuts for Calculating Compound Interest

Partnership: 1-2 questions

Probability: 1-2 questions


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