English Fill Ups Set 29


English Fill Ups Set 29

We are here with English fill in the blank questions which have become very important with change in pattern of competitive exams. Fill up questions are being regularly asked in all competitive examinations.

In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with one blank. Below each sentence FOUR words are given out of which two can fit the BOLD word given in the sentence. Five options are given with various combinations of these words. You have to choose the combination with the correct set of words which can fit in the given sentence.

Q1. His father calls him to ask when he will reach home because his ………… bride and her family are waiting for him.
(A) expected
(B) unexpected
(C) lucrative
(D) prospective
(a) A-D
(b) A-B
(c) A-C
(d) B-C
(e) B-D

Q2. Thousands of students are naturally frustrated that their best shot at these papers has come to …………; they must now make another strenuous effort in a re-examination.
(A) positive
(B) negative
(C) nought
(D) nothing
(a) A-B
(b) B-C
(c) C-D
(d) A-D
(e) B-D

Q3. The combination of using personal data without consent and tailoring ……….. campaigns, fake news and propaganda to discovered preferences of voters is a potent and corrosive cocktail.
(A) malicious
(B) slander
(C) false
(D) bogus
(a) A-B
(b) C-D
(c) Both A-B & C-D
(d) A-C
(e) A-D

Q4. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, raising the question whether laws need to be ……….. mandating an opt-out approach universally rather than an opt-in approach.
(A) reinitiated
(B) redescribed
(C) reframed
(D) reiterated
(a) A-B
(b) A-C
(c) A-D
(d) B-D
(e) B-C

Q5. The …………. of the Indian market by foreign investors comes at a time when the Centre is looking at tapping the bond market aggressively to finance its election-year spending.
(A) abandoning
(B) deserting
(C) forgoning
(D) forgiving
(a) A-D
(b) A-B
(c) B-C
(d) C-D
(e) A-C


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