English Fill Ups Set 20


English Fill Ups Set 20

We are here with English fill in the blank questions which have become very important with change in pattern of competitive exams. Fill up questions are being regularly asked in all competitive examinations.

Directions (1-5): Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given. The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more of the four words given. Similarly, each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.fill ups

A. This book is the _______ of many years of hard work.
B. People are often _________ of their surroundings and upbringing.
C. The billionaire philanthropist tastes the ________ of a machine that processes human sewage into drinking water and electricity.
(a) nature
(b) specification
(c) meaning
(d) product
(e) inclined

A.In the 1970s, we all wore _______ and bell-bottom pants.
B.He stepped up onto the _________ and looked out into the audience.
C.The company plans to use the show as a ________ to launch the new soft drink.
(a) cloth
(b) new
(c) platforms
(d) stair
(e) path

A.There are many ________ built into the system to prevent fraud.
B.There are steps you can take to ________ against identity theft.
C.the charity called for tougher ________ to protect Britain’s remaining natural forests
(a) home
(b) protect
(c) rights
(d) safeguards
(e) loopsfill ups

A.High fever, nausea, and _________ sweating are some of the symptoms.
B.She was reprimanded for her _________ tardiness.
C. _________ alcohol consumption is a major public health problem in the United States.
(a) advance
(b) display
(c) equally
(d) excessive
(e) platform

A.We want to _________ students to read more.
B.He claims the new regulations will _________ people to invest.
C.I am _________ that the project seems to be moving ahead.
(a) initiate
(b) remove
(c) encourage
(d) stop
(e) indulge


1) D          2) C         3) D           4) D           5) C

Fill Ups Questions and Answers