English Fill Ups Set 16

fill ups

English Fill Ups Set 16

We are here with English fill in the blank questions which have become very important with change in pattern of competitive exams. Fill up questions are being regularly asked in all competitive examinations.

Directions (1-5): Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given. The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more of the four words given. Similarly, each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.

Q1. A. What is the __________ value of the shares?
B. The __________ was released by the minister.
C. There is no need to __________ rooms, as it is offseason now.
D. The __________ for food items is always good.
(a) book
(b) market
(c) reserve
(d) product
(e) capital

Q2. A. The party was held at the __________ side.
B. They decided to __________ their resources.
C. I was shocked to see him lying in a __________ of blood.
D. The __________ room was over crowded.
(a) waiting
(b) combine
(c) pool
(d) lake
(e) share

Q3. A. I tried to __________ him off with my old PC.
B. The __________ tree is the life of the desert people.
C. What is the __________ today?
D. Do you __________ him regularly?
(a) palm
(b) date
(c) meet
(d) day
(e) see

Q4. A. The two brothers quarreled __________ themselves.
B. The sea lies __________ France and England.
C. This custom still exists __________ certain tribes.
D. The internet is __________ the most remarkable of modern inventions.
(a) between
(b) among
(c) with
(d) along
(e) in

Q5. A. Tickets for the __________ were booked months in advance.
B. They pushed hard but the door wouldn’t __________.
C. Better to keep quiet than __________ your ignorance.
D. “__________ me your tickets,” the inspector demanded.
(a) programme
(b) show
(c) display
(d) give
(e) play

S1. Ans.(C)
The word ‘reserve’ fits correctly in the sentences A, C and D and express the intended meaning.
S2. Ans.(D)
Sol. The word ‘lake’ correctly fits into the sentences A and C maximum times. In option D, the word ‘waiting’ fits correctly but only once, hence doesn’t qualify as correct choice.
S3. Ans.(B)
Sol. The word ‘date’ fits correctly in the sentences B and C and maximum time appropriately. Hence the correct choice.
S4. Ans.(B)
Sol. The word ‘among’ correctly fits in the sentences C and D. for more than three objects/persons, we use among usually. But sometimes we can use it in the case of two too as in sentence A. hence, it can be used maximum times in option C, D and A.
S5. Ans.(B)
Sol. Sol. The word ‘show’ can be used correctly and maximum times in the sentences A, C and D. hence the appropriate choice.

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