English Cloze Test Practice Set 73

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English Cloze Test Practice Set 73

Directions—(Q1 – 15) In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The population of the country poses a …(1)… economic situation, for we are not able to …(2)… it by our own agriculture produce. Besides …(3)… all development efforts, the problem brings …(4)… to the community, to the family and the individual. To plan when population growth is …(5)… is like building a house when the ground is constantly …(6)…An argument is put …(7)… that our country is overpopulated. The vast potent resources of the country still lie …(8)… It is indeed a pity that our vast resources …(9)… unused. If we are able to …(10)… our productive forces, even double the present population can be …(11)… Our population problem does not lie …(12)… in the increase in the number of people. The real …(13)… and the menace to the …(14)… of us all, lies in the effect of this rapidly increasing population on our …(15)… to provide essentials of life to everyone.

Cloze TestQ1.
(a) satisfactory
(b) hopeful
(c) grim
(d) foul
(e) rancid

(a) finance
(b) flourish
(c) support
(d) maintaining
(e) succumb

(a) rejecting
(b) dismissing
(c) boosting
(d) neutralising
(e) nourishing

(a) pain
(b) difficulty
(c) distress
(d) relief
(e) relaxation

(a) increased
(b) encouraged
(c) checked
(d) unchecked
(e) blossomed

Cloze TestQ6.
(a) flat
(b) fertile
(c) futile
(d) flooded
(e) flamboyant

(a) down
(b) up
(c) through
(d) forward
(e) against

(a) tapped
(b) untapped
(c) uncontrolled
(d) dormant
(e) decay

(a) appear
(b) stay
(c) lie
(d) go
(e) get

(a) mould
(b) bridle
(c) stem
(d) harness
(e) equate

Cloze TestQ11.
(a) supported
(b) enhanced
(c) encouraged
(d) tolerated
(e) grieved

(a) generally
(b) widely
(c) broadly
(d) merely
(e) casually

(a) point
(b) idea
(c) meaning
(d) threat
(e) relief

(a) life
(b) welfare
(c) future
(d) career
(e) seldom

(a) will
(b) inability
(c) ability
(d) intention
(e) resolution


1. (C)      2. (C)    3. (C)      4. (C)      5. (C)      6. (D)      7. (D)    8. (D)   9. (C)   10. (D)

11. (A)      12. (D)    13. (D)      14. (C)      15. (C)

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