Duties of Probationary Officers in bank


Duties of Probationary Officers in bank

With Bank Joining taking place every month with a list of duties of a probationary officer in banks. What are the jobs they much expect.

Probationary officers are newly joined bank officers who are on a probation period for a span of 1 year to 2 years. They are new to bank and have to learn banking. A probationary officer when he comes to a bank usually starts of the duties of a clerical staff. He is taught posting, clearing, cash management etc.

After a time frame of about 3 months he is allowed to undergo passing of transactions

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Usually training comes every 4-6 months for probationary officers after which the branch is changed.

After 6 months of joining the bank, you will be transferred to a new location. This is an exercise to make you adapt to situations and help you in understanding different fields of banking. After 6 months usually you are taught about documentation of loans. If you are in a forex related branch you learn forex related activities out there

Age Criteria :

Minimum age : 21 years.

Maximum age : 30 years

Salary of Probationary officer in Banks

The probation period is a full learning time in which you are assigned multiple tasks from cash to loans. If you learn properly in this time, then banking to come will be easy for you

During the first 12 months of joining the bank you are eligible for only 12 day leave i.e. 1CL every month which are credited to your account month wise.

After 12 months your leave account is credited with 12 CL, around 29-30 PL (1 PL for every 11 days – Sick leave & without pay ) and 15 Sick Leaves

I hope the post defines banking well for a probationary officer

Best of luck

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