Daily Banking Awareness Question – 5


Daily Banking Awareness Question – 5

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Hello Readers,

Banking Questions are a important part of banking Exams. This sheet is related to General Banking Awareness Questions. Last year a lot of questions were asked from related topics. Do give us a review.

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1. Some banks are financing projects like “Construction Roads/Bridges etc. Financing such projects means banks are helping exactly in —
A) Developing Core Sector Industry
B) Project Management
C) Infrastructural Development
D) Financial Inclusion
E) All of these

2. As we know lot of new concepts are being used in the field of banking these days. Which. Of the following is NOT one such concept/product directly associated with banks?
A) E-payment
B) SMS Alert
C) ATM/Debit Card
D) Demat Account
E) Number Portability

3. Which of the following is NOT a Nationalized Bank in India?
A) Union Bank of India
B) Central Bank of India
C) Yes Bank
D) Syndicate Bank
E) Indian Bank

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