Current Affairs MCQ 5th september 2020



Current Affairs 5th September 2020

Current Affairs of the morning are here with the top headlines of the morning. Current Affairs are very important for all competitive exams including Banking, SSC, RBI, NABARD, etc.


01. Which of the following country will
host the BRICS Games 2021?
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. China
D. India

Answer: D.

Explanation: India is planning to host BRICS Games 2021, which will be aligned with the Khelo India Games
scheduled for next year.
● BRICS Games 2021 will be held during the same time and at the same venues as of Khelo India
Games 2021 so that our players from various parts of the country who will gather for Khelo India
Games will have the benefit of witnessing BRICS Games from close quarters.

02.  Recently, Bryan brothers i.e Bob
Bryan and Mike Bryan announced
their retirement. They were
associated with which of the
following sports?
A. Table tennis
B. Badminton
C. Tennis
D. Carrom

Answer:  C.

Explanation: The Bryan brothers, tennis’s most successful doubles pair, have announced retirement, effective immediately.
● Identical twins are Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan.
● The brother’s pair captured an Open Era record with 119 trophies in 26 seasons which comprises all four Grand
Slams, all nine ATP Masters 1000s as well as the Olympic gold medal.

03. Recently, Archana Mahanta
passed away. She was a/an
A. Singer
B. Politician
C. Journalist
D. Actress

Answer: A.

Explanation: Noted Assamese singer and popular singer Angaraag ‘Papon’ Mahanta’s mother Archana Mahanta passed.
● The 72-year-old singer was the wife of popular Assamese singer late Khagen Mahanta.

04. Recently, the National Council for
Promotion of Urdu Language
(NCPUL) has organised the “World
Urdu Conference” in ________.
A. Lucknow
B. New Delhi
C. Hyderabad
D. Agra

Answer: B.

Explanation: National Council for Promotion of Urdu
Language (NCPUL) has organised the “World Urdu Conference” in New Delhi. ● NCPUL has organised the conference to
celebrate the quintessential spirit of Urdu, its
inclusive ethos and creative character.

05. India will acquire two additional
‘Phalcon’ airborne warning and
control system (AWACS) aircraft from
which of the following country?
A. Russia
B. France
C. Israel

Answer: C.

Explanation: Under $1 billion deal, India plans to acquire two additional ‘Phalcon’ airborne warning and control
system (AWACS) aircraft from Israel.
● This deal was derailed numerous times due to the high costs. The new Phalcon AWACS are to be
inducted by IAF in three to four years.

06. Which of the following country is
developing Hulhumalé Central
Park and renovation of the Arrival
Jetty financed by India?
A. Maldives
B. Nepal
C. Laos
D. Zambia

Answer: A.

Explanation: A ground-breaking ceremony for development of the Hulhumalé Central Park and renovation of the Arrival
Jetty in the Maldives financed by India took place.
● The project is being executed by the Housing Development Corporation through an approximate 10 million
Maldivian Rupee grant assistance from India.

07.  Recently, Which of the
following state/UT has started
‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’
fitness campaign?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. New Delhi
C. Maharashtra
D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer:  B.

Explanation: Delhi Government has launched the Fitness Campaign “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” fitness
campaign, for the students who are confined in their homes because of the lockdown imposed
on Schools and colleges due to COVID-19 pandemic.
● As a part of the “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” campaign, a YouTube channel has been started
which uploads a video on every Wednesday.

08. Recently, which of the following state
government has launched its first
marine ambulance ‘Pratheeksha’?
A. Kerala
B. Gujarat
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Odisha

Answer: A.

Explanation: The Government of Kerala has launched the first marine ambulance ‘Pratheeksha’.
● The marine ambulance built by the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) will be deployed at Vizhinjam.

09. Telugu Language Day is observed
every year on ________.
A. 27 August
B. 28 August
C. 29 August
D. 30 August

Answer: C.

Explanation: Telugu Language Day is observed on 29 August each year in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
● This date was chosen to coincide with the birthday of the Telugu poet Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy.

10. Who among of the following author win 2020 international Booker prize?

A.  Marieke Lucas

B. henry deverd

C. Anil Dasgupta

D. Prakash kumar paul

Answer: A.

Explanation: Dutch Author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld won
the 2020 International Booker Prize and
became the youngest author to win the prize
at the age of 29.