Current Affairs MCQ 10th september 2020



Current Affairs 10th September 2020

Current Affairs of the morning are here with the top headlines of the morning. Current Affairs are very important for all competitive exams including Banking, SSC, RBI, NABARD, etc.


01. which of the following state has been approved new information technology policy?

A. West Bengal

B. Karnataka

C. kerala

D. bihar

Answer: B.

Explanation: Karnataka cabinet approved a new Information Technology Policy, 2020. The policy will help the state to increase its contribution in achieving its goal of 1 trillion USD. Also, the policy will help the state to create six million jobs.

02. Which of the following country has recently launched Indo-pacific strategy?





Answer: A.

Explanation: he current European Union President and the largest economy of Europe, Germany launched Indo-Pacific strategy. It was launched with India. Highlights The strategy has several indirect references to Chinese behaviour in the Indo-Pacific region. Germany has also suggested to play a key role in the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation

03. Which of the following organization recently creat a report to Changes in food systems mandatory to boost Climate Action and achieve NDCs?





Answer: A.

Explanation: The United Nations Environment Programme recently released a report, “Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions for Food Systems”. According to the report, adding diet and food loss to climate change shall improve mitigation and adaptation contributions towards food systems by 25%. Highlights The report says that food loss has been ignored widely. 

04. In Recent days which of the following organization has recommends use of steroids in critical COVID-19 patients?





Answer: A

Explanation: The World Health Organization recently recommended the use of steroid drugs to treat COVID-19. The WHO trials say that the Corticosteroid drugs reduce the risk of death in critical COVID-19 patients by 20%. Highlights An analysis of seven international trials found that the Corticosteroid drugs reduced the risk of death in critical COVID-19 patients.

05. which of the following country has been signed with Russia for agreement on manufacturing AK-203 rifels?





Answer: A.

Explanation: The Defence Minister is at Russia’s capital Moscow attending SCO meet. He arrived on September 2, 2020 and is on a three-day visit. Highlights The Defence Minister on the side lines of the SCO meet held talks with his Russian counter part Shoigu. During the meet, the leaders signed the AK-203 rifles deal.

06. Which of the following country’s
astronomers has recently discovered
a galaxy called ‘AUDFs01’, 9.3 billion
light-years away from Earth.
A. China
B. India
C. Russia
D. France


Explanation: Indian astronomers have discovered one of the farthest Star galaxies in the universe in a landmark
● India’s first Multi-Wavelength Space Observatory ‘AstroSat’ has detected extreme-UV light from a galaxy
located 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth.

● The galaxy called AUDFs01 was discovered by a team of Astronomers led by Dr Kanak Saha from the Inter-
University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune.

07. Recently, The first commercial direct
flight between ________ and the UAE
landed in Abu Dhabi after both
countries announced normalisation
of relations.
A. Israel
B. Oman
C. Saud Arabia
D. Lebanon

Answer: A.


The first commercial direct flight between Israel and the UAE landed in Abu Dhabi after both countries
announced normalisation of relations.

● Israel and the UAE announced on August 13 that they were establishing full diplomatic relations, in a US-
brokered deal that required Israel to suspend its plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

08. Which of the following organisations has ‘paused’ the publication of the Ease of Doing Business rankings?

A. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

B. World Bank
C. World Trade Organization
D. World Economic Forum

Answer: B.

Explanation: The World Bank Group has ‘paused’ the publication of the Doing Business report after irregularities have
been reported regarding changes to the data used in the report.
● The effective suspension of the publication of the rankings has been announced in the wake of a number of
reported irregularities regarding changes to data in the 2018 and 2020 reports published in October 2017
and October 2019.

09. Recently, Indian High Commission
gifted books to 100 universities
and Colleges to mark Mujib Barsh
in which of the following country?
A. Nepal
B. Myanmar
C. Maldives
D. Bangladesh

Answer: D.

Explanation: The High Commission of India gifted books on the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the
liberation war of Bangladesh to 100 universities and colleges in the country.
● The books have been written by acclaimed authors and historians.
● The High Commission organised the online book gifting session as part of Mujib Barsho- the birth
centenary year of Bangladesh’s founder president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

10. India will receive a development
assistance loan worth ________
from Japan to fight COVID-19.
A. Rs 1,000 Crore
B. Rs 1,500 Crore
C. Rs 2,000 Crore
D. Rs 3,500 Crore

Answer: D.

Explanation: Japan has committed an official Development Assistance loan of 3 thousand 500 crore rupees for the COVID-19
Crisis Emergency Response Support.
● This programme loan aims to support India’s efforts in fighting COVID-19 and to prepare the health system to
manage future epidemics and also to improve the resilience of India’s health systems against infectious diseases.