Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors


Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors

Dear Sehpaathians

Here comes the explanation of Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors. Conjunctions are used as sentence connectors. With reference to competitive examinations, conjunctions constitute a big part in cloze test and arrange the sentences in order

Types of Conjunctions and their uses

  • Comulative Or Compulative
    1) And: Sudeep and Ankit are friends
    2) Both… and : They both went to receive her and had lunch outside (both is used when there are 2 people)
    3) Not Less than : He as well as his sister are very intelligent
    4) Not Only… But also : He was not only fined but also expelled
  • Alternative or Disjunctive
    1) Either… Or… : Either he is made or he feigns madness
    2) Niether… Nor… : He is niether the borrower nor his relative
    3) Or… Choose a watch or a clock
    4) Otherwise, Else — Work Hard, else you will not pass.
  • Adversative
    1) But – He is a good person but very naughty

    2) Still, Yet. – He is rich yet h eis not contented
    3) Nevertheless – He had no chance of success ; nevertheless he persevered
    4) Whereas, While – Wise men love virtue; whereas fools shun it
    5) Only – You may stay in the room; only make no noise.

  • Illative
    1) Therefore – 
    He was found stealing and was therefore arrested
    2) For: He must be rewarded for the hardwork he has put in
  • Based On Time
    1) before: He must see me before 6 pm.
    2) Till: I will be unavailable till 6 pm
    3) Since: Many things have happened Since you left
    4) While: I don’t want you to drive while you’re so tired
    5) After: I returned home after 6.
  • Other Conjunctions
    1) Because
    2) as
    3) That
    4) Lest
    5) if
    6) Provided
    7) As if
    8) Although
    9) Though
    10) However

Proper Knowledge of Conjunctions is necessary to solve problems related to rearrange the sentences, Cloze Test, Find the Grammatical errors