Chemistry MCQ Set – 7


Chemistry MCQ Set – 7

Dear Sehpaathians,

With Exams for RRB NTPC, SSC and UPSC are nearing we are here with our set of Multiple Choice Questions related to Chemistry. Each set consists of 10 questions and we will be coming up with more sets of the same.

Here is a sample paper sheet of the 5 questions for your practice. Attempt all the questions on our Sehpaathi Test app as well as Do give us a review.

1. Which of the following does not undergo sublimation?
(a) Iodine
(b) Ammonium Chloride
(c) Sodium Chloride
(d) Camphor

2.Dryer of washing machine is based on the principle of ?
(a) Chromatography
(b) Centrifugation
(c) Evaporation
(d) Distillation

3.Which hydrocarbon is not present in LPG?
(a) Decane
(b) Propane
(c) Butane
(d) Pentane

4.What is the atomicity of Phosphorous?
(a) Monoatomic
(b) Diatomic
(c) Triatomic
(d) Tetra-atomic

5.Find the correct sequence of the father of Proton, Electron, Neutron?
(a) Chadwick, Rutherford, J.J Thomson
(b) Rutherford, J.J Thomson, Chadwick
(c) J.J Thomson, Rutherford, Chadwick
(d) E. Goldstein, J.J Thomson, Chadwick


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1. (C)           2. (B)        03. (A)        4. (D)        5. (B)


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