Arrangement Based Questions: Set 17


Arrangement Based Questions: Set 17

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

There are seven boys Jadeja, Saha, Pujara, Kohli, Vijay, Rahul and Rahane who participated in a game competition which started on Monday and ended on Sunday. In the first round of the competition, each of them played different games, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball, but not necessarily in the same order. They like different Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and Google, but not necessarily in the same order. Saha did not play on the day either immediately before or immediately after the game of Kohli, who does not like either Telegram or Facebook or Whatsapp Social Network. Two games were held between the game of Rahane and Rahul, neither of them played on Monday. There was one game between the games of Kohli and Pujara. But Pujara’s game did not happen either on Monday or on Wednesday. Pujara likes Twitter Social Network and played Cricket. The one, who played Football on the last day of competition, likes Hike Social Network. Vijay played immediately after Pujara and he likes Facebook Social Network. Jadeja does not like Telegram Social Network and played Hockey. Kohli did not play either Basketball or Volleyball. The one who played Badminton was scheduled immediately after the game of Cricket. Rahane, who likes Instagram, played on the fourth day of the competition but played neither Cricket nor Tennis.


1). Which game organised on Tuesday?
a) Tennis
b) Badminton
c) Football
d) Hockey
e) Cricket

2). Rahul like which of the following social Network?
a) Hike
b) Facebook
c) Twitter
d) Whatsapp
e) None of these

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3). Which of the following statement is true?
a) Monday – Saha – Volleyball – Telegram
b) Friday – Pujara – Cricket – Twitter
c) Thursday – Rahane – Basketball – Instagram
d) Wednesday – Jadeja – Hockey – Facebook
e) Sunday – Rahul – Football – Google

4). Which of the following day Cricket game is organized?
a) Sunday
b) Saturday
c) Wednesday
d) Monday
e) Friday

5). Which of the following boy like the Instagram social Network?
a) Vijay
b) Pujara
c) Rahane
d) Saha
e) Kohli


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