Arrangement Based Puzzles: Set 49


Arrangement Based Puzzles: Set 49

Arrangement Based Questions are important for all competitive exams. We are here with daily sets of Arrangement based questions.

Directions (Q. 1-7): Study the following information to answer the given questions:

Pravin, Questa, Ricky, Shane, Tim, Uber and Vivan are seven friends. Each of them watches a different TV channel, viz Star News, BBC News, News Nation, Discovery, DD News, Aaj Tak and Zee News. All of them have a different profession, viz Doctor, CA, CS, Player, Professor, Businessman and Reporter, but not necessarily in the same order.
Shane is a CS but he does not watch Discovery Channel or DD News. Vivan is neither a Doctor nor a Businessman, but he watches DD News. Ricky, who is a Professor, does not watch Zee News or BBC News. Uber watches News Nation and he is a Player. Pravin is not a Businessman, but he watches Discovery channel. The one who is a Businessman watches BBC News. Tim is a Reporter and he does not watch Aaj Tak. The one who is a Professor does not watch Star News.

arrangement based question

1. Who among the following watches Aaj Tak?
(a) Professor
(c) Reporter
(d) Doctor
(e) Can’t be determined


2. The reporter watches which of the following channels?
(a) Zee News
(b) DD News
(c) Star News
(d) Can’t be determined
(e) None of these


3. Who among the following is a Doctor?
(a) Vivan
(b) Uber
(c) Pravin
(d) Shane
(e) None of these


4. What is the profession of Questa?
(a) Doctor
(b) Businessman
(c) CA
(d) Player
(e) None of these

Ans:(b)arrangement based question

5. Which of the following combinations is true?
(a) Pravin — CA — DD News
(b) Questa — Player — Zee News
(c) Ricky — Professor — Aaj Tak
(d) Shane — CS — News Nation
(e) None of these


6. Which of the following statements is/are true?
(a) Shane is a CS and watches Star News.
(b) Tim watches either zee News or Star News.
(c) Ricky is a Professor and watches DD News.
(d) All are true
(e) None is true


7. What is the profession of Vivan?
a) Reporter
b) Player
c) CS
d) Doctor
e) CA



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