Advice for New officers in Banking Industry


Advice for New officers in Banking Industry

Dear friends

I am here to share a few of my experiences and give you advice from my side on how to take your new assignment as a probationary officer/ Assistant Manager in bank. What all things you must take care off.

Banks have seen many frauds in recent times some over 300 cr also. Many times it is seen that they are done using ID of a probationary officer / officer less than 2 years experience. So here are a few tips.

  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone. If you share make a practice that you change it once the work for which it had been given is done.
  • Verify the vouchers, cheques properly. In locations especially UP and Bihar there have been many cases of fraud through forged cheques.
  • While opening account, properly verify the documents with the original. If you have any suspicion check out online. Always remember if a fraud happens in an account where documents will be forged you will be directly liable for the fraud and might face difficulty.
  • If there is high amount of cheque coming for passing in your branch confirm it with the customer. We have seen many frauds like this before.
  • If any transaction above Rs 10 Lac is done report it to your higher authority
  • If you are working in advance department make it a habit to do the pre-saction Inspection before doing any recommendations. In the pre-sanction inspection inspect the location properly, check the documents properly, analyze the actual amount of money required by the person.
  • If you are working in forex department, refrain yourself from passing any transaction, until you know what it is all about.

I hope the above points will be helpful and will save us

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