Ways to Improve English Score in UIICL AAO


Ways to Improve English Score in UIICL AO

Aspirants preparing for the UIICL AO exam put more efforts in reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude but tend to be lenient with English, Computer and General Knowledge section. Few candidates think English is easy and they can easily clear this section while few sustain a phobia from English. Both leniency and phobia must be eliminated in order to score a good score in this section. We will emphasize on various ways to improve score in English section for UIICL AO Exam.

UIICL AO Capsule

UIICL AO Essay and Letter Topics

  • Build reading habit
  • Read English novels and other non-fiction books
  • Improve your expertise in the language.
  • Candidates can speed up their reading skills by several folds as speed is something that is required the most in UIICL AO examination to attempt the complete exam.

Reading Comprehension:

One of the most important section on UIICL AO as it tests aspirants ability to read and understand a text that is completely unfamiliar to them. If a candidate can answer this correctly, they can happily leave all other English questions unattempted.

As such there is no definite trick to crack this section. The only thing that can sail you through is by speeding up your reading skill by building a routinely reading habit. You will already be reading a newspaper for enhancing your vocabulary. The best part is that you would be preparing yourself for Reading Comprehension as well in that exercise by increasing your reading stamina, exposing yourself to a variety of topics. PLEASE READ REGULARLY!


In UIICL AO Exam several questions asked in the form of error detection, Sentence Correction ,Questions on Cloze test and fill in the blanks are aslo partially based on grammar, if the words to be filled are easy.

There are some topics that demand extra attention. The topics are mentioned below:
a) Tenses
b) Subject Verb agreement
c) Sequence of Tenses
d) Modifiers
e) Pronouns
f) Parts of Speech


Since English is just a qualifying section, you can leave vocabulary for the last.

Questions pertaining to vocab come in the form of
a) Synonyms.
b) Antonyms.
c) Fill in the Blanks

Each question related to the above mentioned categories test vocabulary of aspirants. To build a strong vocabulary start reading a good National Newspaper (I prefer The Hindu). You would come across many new words in that exercise. Note them down in a notebook, along with their meanings, parts of speech (noun/verb/adjective etc.), and a sentence that uses the word. This simple exercise would give you a comprehensive and exhaustive grasp not only over the words but also over the usage. Revise these words to improve your retentive ability.