What to do 4 days before IBPS-PO Mains 2017?


What to do 4 days before IBPS-PO Mains 2017?

Dear aspirants,

As IBPS-PO Mains 2017 is just a few days away. This is a highly stressful time for all the aspirants. Candidates generally end up panicking and committing mistakes in the last few days prior to the exam. In this post, we will guide you about what all should be done in the last 4 days prior to the IBPS-PO Mains exam.What to do 4 days before IBPS-PO Mains 2017?

Here is a list of all activities which must be done 5 days prior to IBPS-PO Mains:

Plan your Exam Attempt Strategy

The last 4 days prior to the IBPS-PO Mains exam should be dedicated to planning your exam attempt strategy. You must decide on the amount of time to be devoted to each section and per question and also decide your minimum targeted attempt.

Revise and Recall all Important Formulas, Concepts and Points

The most important activity which must be done in the last 4 days prior to the exam is to revise and go through all the Important Formulas, Concepts and Points. This is because formulas are highly volatile and you will forget them until you revise them a sufficient number of times. Also, make sure to clear all your concepts thoroughly especially in the reasoning part. Revisit your notes and study material which you referred earlier in your preparation.

Ensure your Readiness for the Exam

Make sure that you are absolutely ready for the exam. Collect your ID Proofs with their photocopy, photograph and Admit Card and keep them in a secure place. It should not happen that you have to look for the documents at the last moment. Instead, ensure that you are absolutely prepared to take the exam. Do not forget to carry all the documents to the examination venue.

Avoid Last Minute Preparation

Make it a point to avoid preparing any new topics at the last moment. Also, avoid referring to any new study materials in the last 4 days since it will only confuse you rather than doing any benefit. Preparing new topics or referring to new study resources will only blow your mind and cause anxiety rather than benefiting you.

Plan out your Exam Attempt Order

Your success or failure is solely determined by the order in which you attempt the exam. Avoid attempting the questions in their default order since this technique will gradually lead to your failure. Plan out the order in which you want to attempt the exam. You must have an awareness of the areas in which you are strong and the areas in which you are weak. Having an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses will further help you to decide your exam attempt order. Try to attempt questions from your strong areas in the beginning and advance to questions of your weak areas at the later stage.

Keep Sectional and Overall Cutoffs in Mind While Attempting the Exam

Keep in mind both sectional and overall cutoffs while attempting the exam. Make sure to attempt sufficient number of questions from all the sections to be able to qualify both sectional and overall cutoffs. Find out what were the cut-offs in the past 3 years and what is the cut-off prediction for IBPS-PO 2017.

Take Adequate Sleep and Do not take Stress

Take adequate sleep in the night prior to appearing in the exam. Do not stress yourself too much. Keep your mind relaxed and refreshed and do not succumb to exam anxiety. Remain Confident.

Efficiently implementing these activities will definitely help you secure a good rank and score in the IBPS PO Mains 2017

Best of Luck

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